The Plague......

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by claire, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. DConCT

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    oh, sorry....

    I thought you meant the other Dennis. :cool:
  2. apple

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    eeeeek no plauge this year ladies and gents
  3. Greta

    Greta Guest

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    I had it too, and it wasn't fun... I started getting it my last day there..... It was probably the major change in weather for me though....

    I don't blame you Clarie lol..
  4. Isabelle

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    i managed to avoid it til the last day... i go sooo sick when i got home that i ended having to take 3 extra days off work, without pay cus i used up all my vacation time :(
  5. trigger2002

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    hmm i was totally ****** one day! i tried to stand and just fell back to day ive never felt hangover like that wasnt good untill night time
  6. P H I L A D E L P H

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    it happens. the first year, my friends didn't get sick until they got home and were very sick for a few days. me, i got sick the last day, very sick...throwing up and everything. but by the next day, when i got home, i was fine.

    i haven't gotten sick since and hopefully i can pull it off again this year. getting sick in mexico is the worst. you will feel like you are on your death bed.
  7. Klaw

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    Thankfully I have been very lucky. I think out of almost 100 trips to CancunI have only gotten sick once. Not a great experience by far and not one I'd like to relive.

    I truly think that with the amount of time I spend down there by now my system is use to it. Dany and I eat from the street vendors all the time (they have the best food) and I'm always fine.

    Some people handle change to their systems better than others.
    And, of course, the consumption of more alcohol than usual certainly plays a part.
  8. P H I L A D E L P H

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    i actually wonder if that one time i got really sick has kept me from getting sick again (knock on wood). i wonder if the body builds up a permanent or at least long lasting resistance to certain things once the body has overcome the disease.
  9. shauny

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    i know who the carrier of the plague was.........and they know aswell!
  10. ACBUD420

    ACBUD420 Guest

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    Not to hijack but......

    thats not necessary :)
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