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Discussion in 'Free For All' started by vrodgers, Dec 16, 2005.


Should Rebecca have won too?

  1. Yes - they both should have won

  2. No - only Randall should have won

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  3. Only Rebecca should have won

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  1. vrodgers

    vrodgers Guest

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    Who out there is with me and wanted to reach through your TV screen and smack Randall's head last night? Nothing worse than a poor winner :brick:

    I thought both were more than deserving of a job with The Donald.
  2. xplor97

    xplor97 Guest

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    I thought all along that Trump would hire them both. Randall and Rebecca were complimenting each other so much during there one on one time together. How much they respected each other and appreciated the competition. Then Randall stabbed Rebecca in the back at the last minute. Not like they were even going to be working on the same project. Randall wanted all the lime light.
  3. Michael F.

    Michael F. Moderator/1st CC Member Registered Member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    This is the first "Apprentice" I did not follow from the beginning. No input from me...sorry :(
  4. blondie1972

    blondie1972 Guest

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    I'm the same as Michael~ didn't catch this season of Apprentice, but sounds like I might have missed some good stuff on the Thursday night line up!
  5. janie

    janie Guest

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    I totally agree with you!

    I absolutely loved Randall up to the moment he stabbed Rebecca in the back!
    What sour grapes. I was very disappointed in him.
  6. NormsKid

    NormsKid Guest

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    Randall was the only one with a perfect record. Randall was the only one who had the respect of everyone he ever worked with. Randall was clearly the better of the 2. So why shouldn't he be the sole winner?

    Rebecca was great, but still not as good as Randall. An her loyalty to Toral was the type of thinking that I really don't think is a good thing. Trump couldn't figure it out either. As he said, Toral hadn't shown that she was capable of doing anything the entire time she was there, so why pick someone who hasn't demonstrated an ability to do anything to be on your final team. Plus Toral was disruptive as heck all the time.

    I would have done the same thing as Randall did and take the win solo.

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