Text messaging in cancun with verizon

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by X-FACTOR, Mar 31, 2007.

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    I was in Cancun in February and last week. I was unable to text in Feb but no problem last week. I was even able to get on IM through my phone.
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    All is well T.J.. I'm flying down Sunday with our son and 6 others hopefully. We have a couple that have yet to receive their passports (hmmm, go figure) . All of the major players do have their passports though.

    The wife is still wondering what will be the price of having a few extra days down in Cancun. :lol: Still sorting that out. It will be good to see our friend from Mesa who is there with her. Haven't seen her since out last trip to Cancun in 2005. Took last year off to purchase our son's car... which is another story entirely.

    Hope all is well with you and that your efforts for the firefighters is continuing to bring positive results. Are you still in Orlando? If you're back in Cancun, perhaps we can get out for a cold one (or dos). In 2005 we met up with Steve, Jannet, & Dani and then hung out with Steve later that evening and it was definitely a highlight of our trip. Anyhoo... we will be in town for the week (until the 10th).
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    Thanks for the heads up! Now at least we have a ballpark figure on the roaming charges. Probably won't make that many calls per day unless I start "drunk" dialing. But I have been known to do that on many occasions.
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