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    Mapchick has great instructions for arriving at the airport - spot on for our last arrival at Terminal Three. This year we are flying Mexicana Airlines and arriving at Terminal Two. Does everyone end up in the same place or are directions different. Weirdly we depart from Term 3. Thanks for any tips. Julie
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    Terminal 2 is the original main terminal. Now that Terminal 3 is open T2 is much less busy (the shop owners there are grumpy for this reason).

    Are you changing planes in Mexico City? If so you should go through immigration there. If your flight is direct from the US you will go through Immigration as soon as you deplane in Cancun.

    Your next stop will be bag claim. If you go through immigration in Cancun then you get your bags and pray for a green light in the Customs line. Then you exit the building and have to fight off all the gazillion people who provide transportation. There is a restaurant where you can meet other members of your party, it's just to the right when you exit the building from the international arrivals area.

    If you come in on a national flight you will have a different bag claim area from the international arrivials. You are supposed to go through Customs after bag claim, but in the national area Customs doesn't always seem to do their job, so you might not have to deal with them. When you leave the national flight arrival area you will be in the main terminal. If you exit the building you will find the above-mentioned transportation people and restaurant all the way to your left.

    Hope that helps.

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