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    I went out to the airport today and here is the important info.

    As you are heading to the airport and are off the highway, there is a billboard type sign for Terminal 3 with logos of the airlines using it. Today it had Spirit, Sun Country and USA 3000.

    When I went inside the Departures area there were also charter flights from Thomas Cooke and Thompson.

    The parking lot is much smaller than that for Terminal 2.

    If you can read and drive at the same time you have no trouble getting to it by car.

    It is beautiful.

    In the Departure area, there is a convenience store, Haagan Daaz, and a Starbucks. The only place with
    seats is Starbucks.

    If you are using your FM3 or if you lose your FMT (Tourist Card that you get when you arrive, the thing that Immigration gives you part of it back) walk to the left toward the escalators, which take you up to Security, sort of like the old Terminal 1. Turn right without going upstairs. Before the door at the end of this hall you will see some pay phones along the wall
    on the left. There is a hallway on the right opposite the pay phones and there are 4 small offices. One of them is for Migracion/Immigration. The scary thing was that only one office looked like it was being used today but no one was in there.

    After Security there is another Starbucks, Bubba Gumps and a Margaritaville. And shopping. But all I could do was look so more on that after my flight on Wed.

    The prices at Starbucks will take you breath away. Medium Frappacino $50; I think $42 at the one downtown. Carrot cake was $66, compared to $43. (But this stuff is really good.)

    I ran into 3 lovely Spirit gals so we went downtown together to eat and I forgot to go to the Arrivals area. I am promissed a call from someone at Spirit tomorrow to tell me about a waiting or meeting area.

    I know this is only half a-- info but these are pretty girls and I could not help myself.

    I saw buses down at Arrivals but none were ADO. I am betting that, at least for now, if you are taking the ADO you have to grab the shuttle back to Terminal 2. T3 is closer to T2 than T1 is, and ADO is on the close end of T2 so even if you walk it is manageable.

    More to follow as I discover it.
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