Temptations April 5-12

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    So many others have already posted reports on this same week, and i really don't have too much more to add.
    Here are a few highlights and fel free to ask me anything specific if you'd like.
    The room updates are very nice. We did not have a bathroom door, but did have the swinging shower door that doubled as a door to the toilet area. This did not seem like a big deal, until Ryan battled a stomach bug for 3 days. At that point a bathroom door would have been nice.
    All of the resort updates are great. Margaritta's for lunch and late night snacks is a wonderful addition.
    Ryan participated in horseshoes and basketball. His basketball team lost, but they had some awesome cherleaders!
    I won the sex trivia contest. I told Lalo I would when he handed me the pencil and paper!!
    Steve's booze cruise was fun. The island is beautiful and the ride back was a crazy blast!
    Ryan, Jerry, and Larry toured the firehouse, as they are all on our local department. Even with a language barrier they thought it was really interesting.
    I am attempting to post a link to our pictures. Let's see if it works:
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