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    This was our second trip to Temptations and we traveled with two other couples Heather & Larry and Jerry & Julie (heather and jerrysjules here on the board).
    Flight was out of St. Louis on USA 3000 and all went fine. Everything went smooth at the Cancun airport and for all the horror stories we heard about flying in on a Sat. It wasn't bad at all.
    Here are just a few things I can think of to tell about our trip:
    The front desk was always helpful and courteous, from check-in to check-out and even when I needed a bandaid for my bloody foot. (I'll explain more later)
    Our room was really great. 5134, a third floor room with a view of the courtyard between buildings and some of the sexy pool. It was relly big with one whole side being morrored and a vanity the length of the room. The updates and improvements were all very nice. I even tried to look for details I might not always notice and could find no flaws. We did not have the bathroom dooor, but instead had the swinging shower door that doubled as a door for the toilet. It did not seem like a big deal for the first few days, after all we've been married 21 years, but after Ryan battled a stomach bug for 3 days, I was wishing for a door! Stocked fridge everyday. Super clean! One note the beds are not fastened to the head board and they tend to migrate across the floor if there is much action going on on them. Once it had scooted all the way to the vanity, taking a nightstand along with it, and another time it was up against the opposite wall.
    Margaritas (Tex Mex) is a great addition! We had it several times for lunch and several late night snacks. We never got there for dinner, however, I wish we would have.
    The food at all three of the other reservation restaurants was fantastic. I only wish I could remember exactly what I had ordered, but I can assure you it was delicious!
    The Caribbean night at the buffet, the served lobster tails and many other seafood dishes that were wonderful. The Mexican night was ok, and the Italian night was very good! Of course we ate there after arriving back from Steve's booze cruise and were drunk and starving!
    The entertainemnt staff is great! I actually think they were better than last year, but that could also be that I knew what to expect and enjoyed it more. I agree with all who say that T is a great addition. She told me her contract is up in June and she will be gone July and August, and is not sure if she will return after that. It will be sad if she goes, but I have a feeling she will not return. We participated in a few things, but also had a great time watching. I did win the sex trivia game though.
    Diego's bar had good service, even though they sometimes only had one guy serving drinks. Alfreado did a great job taking care of me and teased me about the way I said "YEA!!!" every time he got my drink. WE did try the rainbow shots and they were good, and I have to admit the kamikaze shots were pretty good! We did quite a few and Heather and I even had most nearly every bartender on duty come to see what was going on when ordered 8 of them. Imagine their disapointment when we took them all to pass out to our group and didn't drink them all ourselves!
    Paty "O's is really nice and it has a lot more useable seating. The big screne where they played music videos was really nice.
    Nice shoes looks really good, and we had a lot of fun on the pole and in the cage. It is pretty samll, which was OK for dancing, but too small for the shows when they put them on, and it got very HOT in there!
    Can't think of much more about the resort. The staff was great and even smed friendlier than before. The other guests were a lot of fun. We met so many great and interesting people from all over!! It was so nice to meet so many people from the board! You are all fantastic!!!!
    Somehow I became "falling down girl" on this trip! On Sunday morning, our first morning there, I took one small step down and the front foot slid right out in front of me and the other tucked up under me and I landed sitting on it! I scraped and bruised it pretty good, and cut it in on small spot, but it bled all over the place!!! I look up and heer comes Roy!! How nice he got to see my graceful fall! :oops:
    Then getting off the bus to Coco Bongos I was hurrying and my heel got stuck on the step and I fell out of the bus, in front of all people lined up waiting to get in. Landed on my elbow, with my feel still on the step of the bus. Real smooth! Later I said to my friends, "tell me you didn't se my ass" Well, guess what, everyone did. Short skirt & thong, + a long fall = my ass for the world to see! I did scrape my knee and banged up my elbow pretty good, but mostly it was just my pride that was injured! :oops: Roy was right in front of me, but was hurrying to keep up with Sandy and the rest of the group, so he was not around to catch me, darn it!
    Let me add that at neither od these times was I drunk! Just clumsy!!
    We did forget our camera on very late night on the beach and Ryan went running back to get it, now Ryan is no small guy and he came at the little security guard at a dead run asking about our camera. The guard walked down on the bach and took it out of a garbage can where they had apparently been hiding it and just kept saying "this ok? this ok?" I'm not sure if he was afraid Ryan was going to turn him in, or if he was afraid Ryan would kill him. I was very happy to have the carmera back, and I know if we'd have not noticed it was missing until the next morning, it would have been gone.
    The only other thing that happened was the crazy couple from Minnesota who talked Ryan and our friend Tom into skinny dipping with them, only to be caught by security. Tom's wife, Deb, and I sat on the beach and laughed our asses off while, trying to snap pictures!
    Off the resort we went into town one day to do a little shopping, ate lunch at Senio`r frogs and the guys toured the fire station which was very interesting for them since they are all on our fire dept.
    We also did Steve's booze cruise over Isla Majeras which was a lot of fun. The island is lovely and the ride back was an all out party! Thanks Steve.

    I didn't think I had too much to write about the trip, but I guess I found plenty!
    If you have any questions please ask, and I will try and post a link to my pictures.

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