Temptation Caribbean Cruise 2022:

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    2022 Sees the Return of the Temptation Caribbean Cruise!


    Cancuncare Bonus

    Chinos, Temptation, and I are teaming up to offer the best bonus package available. Book with us using the link below, and you'll receive:
    • A Free Boobs Cruise
    • Bottle of Sparkling Wine Waiting For You
    • A Donation to Chinos' Charity Made on Your Behalf
    No one else can offer this!

    Temptation's Cruise departs on Feb 14 from Miami, making stops at Nassau (Bahamas) and Labadee (Haiti) before returning to Miami on the 19th

    The booking link to receive the cancuncare bonus is:
    Temptation Caribbean Cruise - February 2022 - Miami | Nassau | Labadee

    Check Out Our Detailed Temptation Cruise Guide at:
    Temptation Caribbean Cruise 2022 | Cancuncare Bonus

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