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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by sunshine143, Oct 16, 2008.

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    This will be my first time in Cancun. Very excited!! I've hear alot of things about Temptation and look forward to having a good vacation. Question - are all the rooms remodeled? I just got the garden view package but want tips on best location (nice room and easy access to pool/bar) and if I can request this with front desk. Noise really not a factor. There are 4 couples in my party and we are loud but respectable group. Also, I have been warned about the damp, moldy, musty smell. I will bring frebreeze, but wanted to know if there is a near by store to buy Incense. Years ago, I stayed at Imperial Palace in Vegas and go stuck in the smoker room, musty room and incense masked the smell :). Lastly, I am using Best Day travel. Are they located outside of the airport? or near the time share sharks? Last year, I went to Cabo and went through the headache of trying to find my airport tranport and want to be more savvy. Like...No gracias with a smile and beeline to Best Day. Oh- one more..Can someone provide nightclub nights and cost that the hotel shuttles guest to.


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    There are places to buy incense close by,markets and such.We have used Best Day,they were fine,after you pass the last security check point don't even LOOK at anyone till your outside by the shuttle buses.They can be very convincing as far as making you stop,once you do your stuck!As far as rooms I believe they have all been redone,as far as making requests for certain rooms, we have been able to in the past but have heard that they will not always do a change.We do not spend much time in the room so we don't sweat it anymore.There is a link in here somewhere that lists what night the staff goes to the different clubs,it is best to go with the TTR staff we have found.Don't miss CoCo Bongo,It is about $90.00 per couple and well worth it.Also would be nice if you had a pic up in the Oct roll call thread so we all know what you look like!!!Have a blast at TTR
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