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    You may already know that at midnight Original Resorts are holding a Cybersale from from Friday through Monday. It remains to be known if this will turn out to be a good deal or not, last year it certainly was. I guess we'll find out when prices are released at midnight.

    If you do decide to book a trip during the sale then if you use the specified links below (which credit me with the sale) I'm able to offer the following bonuses.

    Temptation Cancun Resort
    Book Temptation and receive a free Premier benefits upgrade to the Black bracelet if you agree to attend the sales presentation.
    The link for Temptation is:
    Temptation Secret Sale | Temptation Cyber Sale

    Desire Resorts (both Riviera Maya and Pearl)
    Book 3 nights or more and receive free round trip airport transfers from USA Transfers
    The link for Desire is:
    Desire Resorts Cyber Sale | Desire Cyber Sale

    Temptation Cruise
    Book the cruise and receive 2 free Boobs Cruise places next time you are in Cancun after the cruise.
    The link for the Temptation Cruise is:
    Temptation Caribbean Cruise Cyber Sale | Temptation Cyber Sale

    To claim your bonuses send a copy of your reservation to steve@cancuncare.com and I will arrange the rest.

    Remember, you must use the special links above to qualify for the bonuses, be careful of switching devices between reading the email and booking.
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