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    One of the most popular activities is Swimming with Dolphins. There are many locations to swim with dolphins, called "Dolphinariums". Each dolphinarium has several types of programs to choose from. This can all be a little overwhelming with so much information out there. I will break it down by dolphinarium for you. No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed an experience you will never forget.

    Dreams Hotel Cancun
    The Dolphinarium at the Hotel Dreams at KM 9 in the hotel zone is the newest location. The dolphins here are in a man-made tank instead of in the ocean. All programs include round trip transportation. The 4 programs are:
    • Dolphin Ride. 45 minutes, max 10 people, minimum height 1 meter (39 inches). Activities include Kiss, Free interaction time, Platform, Dancing, Singing, Tail splash, Hand shaking, Bubbles, Dolphin Ride.
    • Delphinus Primax. 60 minutes, max 6 people, minimum height 1 meter (39 inches). Activities include Footpush, Kisses, Hugs, Jumps, Signals, Swirl, Dolphin Sing, Free interaction time, Signaling dolphins.
    • Trainer for a day. 8 hours of on-the-job Dolphin Training. 200 minutes in the water with dolphins, includes Delphinus Primax above. Buffet lunch and soft drinks, diploma, t-shirt and photo. Max 6 people, minimum age 9 years.
    • The ONE. One Person, One Trainer, One Dolphin for One hour. Includes Medical revision of the dolphins and talk about its anatomy and physiology, but also includes Jumps, Kisses and hugs, Footpush, Free interaction time, Signals, Platform, Dolphin sing, Swirl, Bubbles and much more...

    All of the above programs are also available in the Riviera Maya at Delphinus Riviera Maya.

    Dolphinaris Cancun at Wet n Wild Park
    The park is located at KM 25 at the southern end of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. If you are staying in the Riviera Maya, they do have a transportation package for an extra cost. In addition to the dolphin program, all the programs also include full admission to Wet n Wild theme park.
    • Dolphin Trainer: Full or half day options, minimum age 12 years. Meals, educational sessions, dolphin swim, Sea Lion session, t-shirt, photos & certificate.
    • Dolphin Swim: 50 minutes including Foot push.
    • Dolphin Swim Experience (Swim & Ride): 50 minutes including Dolphin Ride.
    • Sea Lion Splash: 45 minutes interacting with Sea Lions.

    Plaza La Isla Shopping Center, Cancun
    The famous shopping center at KM 12.5 is home to the Interactive Aquarium. This man-made dolphinarium is like a large pool for the dolphins.
    • Dolphin Swim La Isla: This Dolphin Swim allows you to caress, play and swim with the dolphins. You'll be taught about their abilities and enjoy amazing tricks such as the famous foot push.
    • Dolphin Swim & Shopping Day: Make a day of it! Round trip transportation, entrance to the aquarium, dolphin swim, lunch, dolphin show, showers. When you are done with your dolphin experience you can shop in the plaza.

    Isla Mujeres Dolphin Discovery
    The dolphinarium is in a natural ocean setting and it includes the boat ride to the island.
    • Royal Swim: 60 minutes, minimum age 8 years. This program offers the most activities with the dolphins.
    • Swim Adventure: 45 minutes, minimum age 8 years. This is a more affordable option.
    • Dolphin Encounter:45 minutes, minimum age 1 year. Ideal for kids.
    • Sea Life Discovery Plus: 3 Hour adventure including dolphins, manatees and sea lions. Min age 8yrs.

    All of the above programs are also available in the Riviera Maya at Dolphin Discovery in Puerto Aventuras. This is location is ideally suited for people staying in Tulum, Akumal & Puerto Aventuras.

    You can also find these programs on the island of Cozumel, minus the Sea Life Discovery.

    Xel Ha Eco-Park
    If you are planning a day trip to Xel-Ha, it is a perfect time to add on the Dolphin Swim. Delphinus provides the programs in a large open water penned area, so it is a very natural environment. This is a popular activity, so be sure to book in advance, especially during the busy seasons (spring break, summer break & Christmas). All programs have a minimum height of 43 inches to do this program alone. Kids less than 43” tall can still do the program accompanied by a paying adult.
    • Interax: 45 minutes. Includes jumps, kisses, free time, signal platform, hugs and the bar jump.
    • Primax: 60 minutes. Includes everything with the Interax PLUS the foot push, dolphin sing, & swirl.
    • Delphinus Trek (Diving with Dolphins): 60 minutes, but you don’t have to know how to dive. In this program you will have a helmet with an air supply so you can go down 13 feet to interact with the dolphins underwater. Includes wetsuit, lockers, towels & all equipment.

    Xcaret Eco-Park
    Like Xel-Ha, Xcaret eco-park has a dolphinarium by Delphinus. At both Xcaret and Xel-Ha, photos and videos are taken during the program can be purchased at the end of your dolphin program. (optional)
    • Xcaret Dolphin Swim: 45 minutes, minimum height 1 meter (39 inches). Children under 8 years old will need to be accompanied by a paying adult. Includes jumps, kisses, free time with the dolphins, signal platform, hugs and the bar jump.

    All of the programs offer photos and some even offer video of your dolphin encounter. I highly recommend at least getting the photo as this is an experience of a lifetime.
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