Studio available for rent in Cancun - Downtown Cancun, SM 31

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    The studio is located in SuperManzana 31, Madero Street, very close to the Cathedral of Cancun. The neighborhood is very quiet and well located. Any bus stop is no longer than a 5 min walk away.

    Rent price is 243 USD MONTHLY, or 3,150 MXN Pesos.

    What does the rent include:

    - Furniture, refrigerator, bathroom, private entrance, wi-fi internet, cable tv, phone (you need to use pre-paid cards called MULTIFON)

    What does it NOT include:

    - Water & power charges.

    Water is very cheap, around 50 MXN pesos every 2 months, power is around 200-250 MXN pesos a month, with a normal-low usage, up to 400-500 MXN pesos a month for a high usage.

    You can get an additional discount if you pay months in advance!

    Photos of the place and the area:

    Estudio centrico y bonito en Cancun |Cozy Downtown Cancun Studio For Rent!'s Photos - Wall Photos | Facebook

    If you help rent the studio, that is, if the person that rents it mentions your name, you get a 500 MXN pesos cash comission right away, no questions asked.

    More info?

    Sure! Please call Carmen at cell: 9981 436787 or send an email to

    You can also see all the info at:

    Rent in Cancun! Renta en Cancun! - House, Studio, Apt / Casa, Estudio, Dpa | Facebook

    Thank you!
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