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    I've been wondering how your Dell experience went and if you are pleased with your purchase. When you have a second, please let us all know how it worked out for you. (I had a great experience with them and want to know if they are still exceeding expectations.)


  2. Susan in Cancun

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    I hate when I spell my own name wrong. Susan isn't really hard, yet I managed to screw it up. It's been a long week.......
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    My desktop arrived about a week ago, it's all fixed up and working great. No complaints about the product.

    However, it was due to be shipped on April 1st (about two weeks after I ordered and paid for it) but it didnt actually get shipped until the 16th. I dont know if it was an unusual build but they said they were waiting on parts. It also arrived two days after the proposed delivery date, that could have just been a problem locally though. Customer service appears to be in Panama but the computer came from the US. I found their live chat constantly unavailable but they did respond to emails punctually (within a few hours).

    Overall, it wasnt too bad but could have been better. Since it was the only option I cant really complain.

    BTW there is always the edit button to the top right of your post that you can use to correct any typos.
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