Stepping Beyond Vanilla On First Trip??

Discussion in 'Desire Resort Forum' started by Mexico adventure, Aug 11, 2019.

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    Aug 11, 2019
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    I’m 100% vanilla... at least I thought I was until I went to TTR. Was just there one day (not long enough) and was beyond excited thinking about the possibilities. Unfortunately I drank too much and missed out on the late night fun I seemed to have planned at the sexy pool that day. (Rookie mistake)

    Thinking of going to Desire. I’m intrigued and hoping to play, but have NO idea what that looks like/how to prep for that with my husband. We’re not jealous people at all, and would both be open to soft swapping but not sure about a full swap.

    Are lifestyle couples pretty good about leading the charge when it comes to interacting with new couples. I know communication is key so I’d make that known.

    Any advice or recommendations from LS couples to an excited newbie would be very welcome!
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    Our handle is VanillaXtracts and we chose that as we’ve seen beyond the boundaries of vanilla and now enjoy sexy social events and travel like to Desire and Temptation.

    Yes if a coupe is interested in you two they’ll ask if you are in the lifestyle or what your looking for.

    Lots to learn about so you can go slow or fast as you see fit.

    You can PM us with more specific questions if you wish about Desire.
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    Our experience has been let it happen organically. Don’t decide you’re going to get your feet(?) wet when you go there, you may try too hard(?) and not meet your expectations. You may end up not finding a couple that’s right for you and turn yourselves off on the whole concept. The stories we could tell from both perspectives........
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