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    I am seeing more and more speeders pulled over on Colosio so have made it a point to notice the speed limits and try to comply.

    I am pretty sure the speed limit changes 6 or 7 times between the airport and Bonampak. To me there is not a logical appearing reason for this. There are 3 or so traffic lights but the surroundings, traffic, road quality, etc. are pretty much the same from the airport area to Bonampak.

    It starts at 80, then 50, then 70, then 80, then 50, then 70, then 60, then 50. As you approach Bonampak, you see the sign for 70 but not far ahead you can see the ones for 60 and 50 within about 100 meters of each other. It is nuts. Of course every vehicle is flying along at 80-90 except when they see someone pulled over, the poor unlucky guy who does not pay attention when, for no reason, it drops from 80 to 50.

    Do you think the mayor would consider removing all but the 80 kmh signs until approaching Bonampak? It is actually a hazard to be driving 50 when everyone is zigging and zagging to get by you.
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    Its the same sort of thing that you see in the States.. the speed limit will drop dramatically for no apparent reason... and usually there is a cop waiting just out of sight near the sudden speed change.

    They have got me in the States like that when I was traveling.. just cruising at 60ish in the 55 zone, then (allegedly) there will be a 35 zone for a few block in the middle of nowhere, where they get you...

    all part of the game... just be careful driving with those foreign plates TJ, thats a serious offense :lol:
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    If you come in through the ZH it's even more confusing; 70 40 70 40 40 70 40 70 and what's even more amusing is that they recently changed the limit signs but not the zone signs, so you se a sign that says "End of 70 Zone", but there was no corresponding "End of 40 Zone" to mark the start of the 70 zone.

    It's obvious the plan is to increase revenue production. I talked my way out of a ticket last week by warning the "officer" that he was running the risk of testicular cancer by keeping his litttle Radio Shack radar gun in his lap (a danger documented by a successful class-action on behalf of a group of Connecticut State Police officers). He demonstrated his gratitude by not writing the ticket.

    At least they haven't introduced cameras. Driving in the UK and in Germany has become hell because of them. I was blitzed by a remote camera on a little country lane in a suburb of Frankfurt last year, out in the middle of nowhere! Horses, cows, silos, barns and a concealed camera.

    Can you imagine the implementation of such devices managed by local engineers? You know, the same guy who designed the red light timing on Kulkulcan. Ing. Sr. Lurch.
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