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    I wonder if we could try something just a little more delicate on this thread, by sharing some thoughts we may have had at one time or another- about life, relationships, anything just a little closer to the human spirit.

    It doesn't have to be profound, or clever, just genuine: it could be borrowed, if it touched a cord with you- perhaps it will in us, too.

    Reflections on Death

    As I walk along the water’s edge, and see you lying there with your countless thousands,

    I wonder aloud, “What’s so different between us, after all"?

    We lived and we will die, returning to the sea, and earth, from whence we came.

    Is that so bad a thing, to have had a part in this great cycle of life, and then be gone?


    Coming to terms with the fact that we will die is one of the challenges we all face. Walking along a beach one day, I began to notice that line of shells, the remains of the millions of marine animals that often collect at the water's edge, who had lived, then died.

    Like them, I would live, and die. It cheered me to my soul to think that I, too, had had a chance to play a part in the great cycle of life.
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