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    eSage Group is an enterprise technology consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. We helps marketers make sense out of marketing data by integrating social media, websites, digital advertising, sales systems and other enterprise data sources to create powerful analytic dashboards. We are looking for developers to work out of Mexico, with possibility of U.S. based work.

    Although we hire both US and Mexico based resources depending on the specific need; right now we are only looking for Mexico based developers.

    General skills:
    Must have good English speaking and writing skills as well as good consulting skills.

    Must be able to write emails, assist in the creation of technical specifications and create presentations in English.

    Must be comfortable presenting technical information to clients in English.

    We are looking for developers that are willing to work out of Mexico, initially out of a home based office, then from our Playa Del Carmen office near Cancun once it is open.

    We will consider Junior Developers with 1-2 Years of experience up through Mid-Level and Senior developers with 3+ years of experience. We are interested in talking with leading developers with solid expertise and experience with Microsoft or Java/Open source technologies.
    We are looking for solid expertise and experience with Microsoft or Java/Open source technologies.

    1) Microsoft based experience should include the following technology skills:
    Ability to code web sites, setup site navigation, basic page layout inside and outside of Visual Studio. Understanding of IIS, CSS, JavaScript, ADO.NET, XML, and how everything works together.
    Server-side coding language should be C#. VB.NET would work here as long as you can transition to C#. Use of AJAX and UpdatePanels a plus. Use of Web Services / WCF a plus.
    C# / .NET Framework:
    This includes the ability to create custom classes, interfaces, and events. Understands concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, referenced assemblies, and delegates.Should be comfortable working with lists (.NET or custom) and familiar with the standard .NET types – arrays, dictionaries, lists, structs. Knowledge of Generics is a plus.
    SQL Server:
    Knowledge of databases, stored procedures, and writing T-SQL script. Should know about primary and foreign keys, indexes and why they are important. Should know how to use temporary tables and know something about the use of cursors within a script. Basic error handling within a script would also be nice.
    Nice to have Microsoft skills would include:
    OLAP / Analysis Services:
    Ability to design and build an OLAP database within Visual Studio. Understand the following concepts: Data Source View, calculated measures, named set, referenced dimension, Measure Group.Able to deploy and process an OLAP database.Understanding of basic MDX and how it is different from SQL.Knows the difference between a set, a tuple, and a value.
    SSIS (Integration Services):
    Experience designing SSIS packages that can extract, transform, and load data. Use of Data Flow and Script Task components.Able to use C# and variables within SSIS.Able to package and deploy SSIS components.
    SilverLight / WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation):
    Understands XAML and where it is used. Able to design and deploy a simple SilverLight component on a page from within Visual Studio. Use of web services to fetch data. SL component should be able to respond to simple events like Click, MouseOver.
    SharePoint 2007 / 2010 Administration & Development
    The ability to administer SharePoint web applications, site collections, and security. Experience with front end web server installation and farm deployment, mid-level active directory and domain security. SharePoint database management and migration, solution deployment and possible development. Pluses: Powershell / STSADM, Excel Services, Power Pivot experience, Secure Store Service experience, and custom web part development.

    2) Java/Open source based experience should include the following technology skills.
    Java Programming Experience
    Both freestyle and within development environments such as Eclipse. Ability to program, build, troubleshoot, and optimize new or existing Java programs, as well as use dependent jar libraries as needed. Knowledge of standard OOP (Object Oriented Programing) procedures and standards, best practices, etc. Ability to use JDBC and other means to pull data into and out of various data sources. Experience with either Unix, Linux, or related operating systems and knows how to access and use from a Windows computer (Cygwin / SSH, etc).

    Nice to have Java/Open Source skills would include:
    Familiarity with Java helpers, such as Ant, Maven, or QuickBuild is a big plus. Knowledge of the Java GUI Framework, named Swing, is a plus. Knowledge of Java Application Development Framework, Spring, a definite plus.
    Any experience with Hadoop – in the setting up and administration of a production multi-server cluster, is a huge plus but not required. Same with the ability to program, build, and register MapReduce jobs, as well track their progress via the Hadoop Job Tracker. Experience in Pig and Hive is a plus but not required.

    Please give a brief description of yourself as a post on the forum. Or email to tinam (at)​
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