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Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Viva' started by MinnesotaWoman, Jul 30, 2014.

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    So I posted the letter I received from Apple -- about Oasis Sens changing over. I guess they didn't feel that it was enough to where I would be informed completely as to what I was getting myself into, LOL? Because now I just got this message from my travel agent:

    Just checking….I got a VM from Apple Vacations asking me to make sure you’re okay that some areas of the resort – one pool area, basically – may have some nudity. Is that okay with you?

    Of course I said "No, that is not ok, please book us in Live Aqua immediately!" LOL. No, I did not. I said, "Isn't that why I chose this one?" I wanted to ask him to ask Apple if they were going to guarantee that there would be wild partying and nudity, but I didn't.

    I am anxious to see what kind of reviews start coming out. The reviews have been very slow lately, and some of them do seem like "plants."
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