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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by mpearson564, Sep 20, 2007.

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    we will be going over to Isla Mujeres for a day trip. we'd both like to go snorkling, but not necessarily on a tour or in the gaffron park...what is the next best way to do this? btw, we would have to rent gear, don't own our own... Thanks!
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    Providing you get there before lunch time you will encounter a lot of people selling snorkel tours. This might be on the ferry over or at the dock on arrival, don't worry about finding them they will approach you!

    The simple tours usually include lunch and take you to a few different snorkel spots in small 6-8 people boats, cost is around $25/$30. Have a chat with a few of these guys and pick one you like the sound of.
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    You might want to reconsider not buying your own snorkels and masks. A snorkel that other people have had in their mouth isn't the most sanitary way to go. People have been known to throw up through the snorkels and lord only knows if the company you rent from really cleans them out good.

    You can buy a cheap snorkel set at places like walmart, etc.

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    There is a nice little place next to Garrafone, Garrafone Castilla. For a modest fee, not sure how much you can hang out at thier beach and snorkle right there. I don't know if they rent gear.

    Also, I've never seen snorkle tube being re-used. Every place we've gone they are new and sealed. They let you keep them as a sueviner. Or they have a recycle bin.

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    Re: Snorkle

    Is Garrafone Castilla still there? The website appears to be down. Has anyone been there to snorkel recently? I would like to know there rates for renting equipment and such.

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    We were at Castillo last year,entry was $5 (up from$3), I think complete gear rental was about $10, we brought our own.

    This place is still a great deal but I must admit over the last decade has become more of a nice shallow swimming area than a great snorkeling/sealife spot, no reef left,just sandy bottom and general species.

    For a beginner, or aquaphobic the gradual shore entry here is a real plus, I also like the facilities, bathroom food/drinks ect.

    As has always been the case the best snorkeling is a deeper boat drop onto a non shore accessable reef.

    If real fish watching is your bag try searching for a guy named Captain Tony on a Isla Mujeres web site, boat trips to reefs, but if you're tooling around on a golf cart,want a drink and cool dip Hotel Garrafon Castillo is a great, cheap destination
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    Captain Tony is a good friend of mine, he usually doesn't book tours ahead of time, get there early in the a.m. and he will probably be able to take you out if he isn't already full. Alot of people staying on the island make arrangements to go teh night before.
    His business is run out of his house on Matamoros, you can't miss it, he has a big hand painted sign of Isla Contoy out in front of his house.
    Have fun, if you can't go with Tony, there will be lots of people selling tours like Steve said.
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