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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by Patria Joseph, Oct 19, 2020.

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    We go to Temptation each June and December and still pay generally the same amount since my first trip in was still Blue Bay Getaway then. We’ve been to the resort two times on Referrals and spent two hours each time giving their sales presentation a good faith try. Everyone values different things about their to say whether membership is a “good deal” or not depends completely on what you value, how and how often you vacation and your other financial obligations. We go in low season twice a year and find good package prices on each trip. The membership black band perks don’t have a lot of value to least they’re not something I’d pay more for. There would have been no value in purchasing a membership based on what we value. We have many friends who love the value the membership brings them because of what’s important to them.
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    Thank you very much for the information. We've been to TRR and love the place but I will not take time away from the sexy pool to attend a sales pitch; I made that mistake in my younger years in St. Maarten and will not do that again. Perks is not why we go and will not entice us to go more often; we can be happy there in a Garden View Room just as much as being in the Tower. We are all day Sexy Pool people and the rooms that we stayed in didn't really make a difference. I was curious about the membership and if it was a good value I would consider it but you answered my questions and I thank you for that.
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    What @scottydog said is how we are. We're members, and have been since 2010 and we "enjoy" our membership while at TTR (minor musical background, like background bar noise), and we enjoy it even more while at DRM (volume of background music just went up), but for us, if the Only travel we did was to go to TRTR and/or DRM the price we paid wouldn't be worth it. It's the SFX (etc.) exchange prices that make it Definitely worth it for us. I've several times on here how I saved $4500 on a trip to Maui and I went into detail on how it's done, too. Check that out if you want, it is a guaranteed way to make the membership "end up" costing you very little to nothing, or even have it make you money.

    But... you have to be committed to travel (like we do, we usually do at least 3 international (the People's Republic of Hawaii is its own country, right?) trips a year and have since... 2014? Mostly Mexico, but St. Martin, Europe, and Hawaii in last place. I've definitely made the membership work for my wallet.

    But... if you don't travel quite a bit, or only to TTR/DRM... it really isn' "that" much better than just showing up.
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