Shrimp Bucket/Lorenzillos/My Place/Dinner Cruise

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Golden, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Golden

    Golden Guest

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    Is the new Shrimp Bucket at the same place as the old?
    Is Lorenzillo's worth the $$$?
    Is My Place still open?
    What is the best dinner cruise?

    Gracias! Two weeks from today and I'll be there! Woo Hoo!
  2. Ana

    Ana Guest

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    Shrimp bucket is not at the same place.

    For me (personl opinion) Loenzillos is not wirth the $$$$

    No idea regarding My Place

    Again on my experience, best dinner cruise is Caribbean Carnival
  3. carrie77

    carrie77 Guest

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    My Place has closed. Almost a year ago. It was well covered on this board.

    Anything else I couldn't tell ya... my personal Cancun knowledge is pre-Wilma... other than that, all I know is what I read here on CancunCare.
  4. CancunCanuck

    CancunCanuck Guest

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    Shrimp Bucket is now out at km 15, across from the Marriotts.

    Lorenzillo's is overrated and overpriced.

    My Place is gone.

    Caribbean Carnaval or Captain Hook's Pirate Cruise are good cruises.
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