Should we buy a VIP bracelet? and if so which one?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by FiatCoupeTurbo1, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Yeah I guess it saves you a bit of cash. But maybe go on the wbsite and see what exactly the details are for them. Read the fine print kind of stuff
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    Feb 13, 2007
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    Thanks for the great response guys, I talked it over with my friends and it looks like we may just wait until we get to the resort and decide at the beginning if we want to buy a bracelet or not depending on what we feel is the general mood at the Oasis and talking to people already there.

    In response to London_niki there are several VIP passes 2 of which are from STS and studentcity as far as I can tell. The STS one is about $199 and $15 handling fee each ticket while the studentcity one is about $250 or so as far as I am aware. They entitle you to both a main event during the evening but also free bars events during the day. So yeah basically if you intend to go to the same places then spending $215-$250 may be a good idea and you would save money even if you did not do everything it entitles you too.

    However I guess that is the biggest question, do you want to go to every place it says, and what if you just want to follow the flow, meet people and enjoy the idea of being free to do what you want, thats what has stopped us from buying before we get there, besides if you are from the UK the good old £ is riding high at the moment so I think we can afford to take a look and see approach! people on a budget may wish to just buy the pass and feel safe in the knowledge that they have their nights activities pretty much sorted!
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    Yeah good plan..Just wait till you get to the resort...
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