Should I take camcorder???

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by ShirtOff, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Fletch

    Fletch Guest

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    ive googled it.....and searched, but im not so sure we announced our names on there......maybe a search for "cancun drunk idiots" but i think that would turn up quite a few
  2. whdream

    whdream Guest

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    Yeah I think google would crash! a ha h aha
  3. Mad-Ad

    Mad-Ad Guest

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    I took mine the first year and got 13 minutes of footage, I took it last year and got barely an hour, I just didnt want to be carrying it around while drinking etc, I really wouldnt bother mate, if you want some video footage you could always use the video setting on your normal digi camera, thats what I do from now on.

  4. Ant95

    Ant95 Guest

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    yes be very careful with concerts/contests that are on a stage, almost got my digital camera taken away in daddy o's very quickly i deleted the pics i took (lol right in front of the guy) and showed the guy and hes like oh ok ure fine, i got so scared it was on our last nite and had like 400 pics on it and would have lost a hole vacation of pics
  5. Matty

    Matty Guest

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    bloody oath you should!!!!!!!!!
    take it but look after it bro...kep it safe,i wish i took one now lookin back..this time last year i was there...
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