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    We just got back from a short trip down to Mexico at the beginning of August 2017. I was pretty bummed that the wedding we were invited to was before the new TTR opening but also excited to try out someplace new.
    Logistics: We have been to TTR 10+ times in 6 different months. We stayed the first half of the trip in the Grand Oasis Pyramid which I won't review but if you ever decide to book there, never book the regular rooms as there is a huge discrepancy on ability to go to certain restaurants and order branded alchohol between Grand Oasis Cancun and Grand Oasis Pyramid. After the wedding we were invited to, a number of the friends moved over to Sens for a few adult days.

    Front Desk- We arrived around 4pm and had no trouble checking in. The next day I made dinner reservations which took about 2 minutes and was a breeze.

    Grounds/Room- We had barely functioning air conditioning but found that was true not just in the rooms but the entire resort. I would walk into a restaurant and feel cooled down for a moment and then wish I could turn the air down about 5 more degrees. The room was spacious enough and we had a little balcony that overlooked the pool but we struggled with the toilet. You had to hold the handle down about 10-15 seconds to get it to flush each time. The hotel lobby and pool area were well kept and clean and we found it easy to get everywhere if a bit confused about which way to turn sometimes.

    Restaurants- The buffet is adequate to all of your needs. We love to eat so I always make sure to get us into a restaurant when possible. It was pretty easy to pop into the ones that do not do reservations to get a spot on our walk back from the pool and then clean up in our room in time for the dinner spot.
    We had lunch at the Italian place- This is the best lunch option on the property. The Mexican restaurant was abysmally small portions and uninspired food which was a disappointment to me since I love Mexican and was really excited that they had a place on site. The Italian has a nice salad/dessert bar and the typical pastas/meat options.
    At dinner we went to the White Box which had great food. I highly recommend ordering a number of items as they are small but we had excellent quail, burgers, cheese/meat board etc. Late night they have snacks in this restaurant until about 2am. Fresh fruit/sandwiches/chips etc were all good late night foods but if you wanted a drink you had to walk downstairs to Kinky.
    We also went to Benezuza which was an amazing experience. it was a lengthy dinner taking about 2.5 hours to go through the whole thing but I didn't even notice the time as we were really engaged in figuring out what we were eating next and sampling the small bites.

    Nightlife- We did go to the Fire & Drums show which was excellent. I highly recommend making it a point to go see it. Unfortunately we were disappointed in Kinky and only spent about 90 seconds down there. We went out to the main bar strip one night and came back around 4am to find that there was nowhere to get food/drinks which we expected but it was also dark when we got back. Other than a security guard at the front door, there was no one around and we actually used the flashlight on the camera in order to navigate the lobby well.

    Entertainment- As always this goes by who else is there. We found that the pool staff tried hard to get people to participate in games but they struggled to find volunteers and cancelled about half of the activities. I've seen the same problem at TTR though so this did not come as a surprise.

    All in all it was nice to go somewhere different but I was glad it was a shorter trip as I missed the socialization that I'm used to at TTR. We started calling this place the Honeymoon Resort as each couple only hung out with each other and didn't really talk with others. If you do go, Oasis has a nice perk that you can resort jump during the day (before 5) to try out other pools which can be fun.
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    We were their right before you. I enjoyed the Shows at Kinky's. I thought the Mexican restaurant was great though. We loved Benezuza too. The Black Hole was also excellent. Sarah69 ran the Pool games when we were there too.
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