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    Today I went to Profeco and was told that this company, located as you get off the escalator upstairs at Gran Plaza, is a hotbed of complaints.

    A month or so ago I posted that it took 2 months to get an order that was due in 2 weeks. It arrived with 3 of the 5 pieces damaged. 2 of the 5 were identical pieces but did not match in color or dimensions.

    On Sept 12 the manager came to my home, approved the refund after examining the furniture and PROMISED it would be available for me at the store in "8 or 9 days". Supposedly the money was being sent from Mexico.

    Well, let's see, 12 + 9 = 21, so they are 16 days late when we all wake up tomorrow. I was even called last Monday, told to call on Thursday morning to find out what time to come in the afternoon. Nothing but excuses since I have been dealing with them.

    The store, and many of you have seen it, is filled with sytlish furniture and it is anything but cheap. The sales people are well dressed, well groomed, professional and friendly. But they don't make the furniture and have no power to correct anything.

    A friend got on the internet today and told me that there were complaints all over Mexico.

    STAY CLEAR OF SERGIO PILATI'S. Donations welcome. I am not feeling good about recovering my money, but dealt with the Manager and Profeco who told me he would do his best. The old friend of a friend thing. In the last month they closed their warehouse type store on the highway at Pto. Morelos. This cannot be a good sign. Wish me luck. Guess I can sleep on the floor if I have to.
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    Sorry to hear that.

    As a rule I try to avoid paying for anything I cant take home or have delivered the same day, as anytime you have to "order" something I have learned to be squeamish after living here for a while. At worst I'll do the micha-micha thing (half now, half on delivery) but only if there is no alternative.

    Course I don't know how the "fancy furniture" stores work, maybe that's not an option if you need custom stuff. I've always bought at Sears or other big stores that I know have a good rep. and infrastructure.

    I hope that Profeco can sort it out for you, and I hope that they are soon out of business for good if they are as bad as they seem.
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