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    We visited from 9/21 - 9/24 for our anniversary. This was our third trip to TTR with the first being just after the renovation in 2018. This will be less of a comprehensive review and more things that stuck out to us or changed from previous trips.

    Sexy Pool
    We hit the pool asap upon our arrival on Thursday and were not disappointed. Attendance was very good, with every seat at the swim-up bar staying full and I'd estimate somewhere around 60% of ladies without tops. Free seating around the pool has grown increasingly sparse since our first visit, but our tower room gave us access to the exclusive deck, so we dropped our stuff at one of the many empty chairs there and my wife immediately did her part to up the percentage.

    I've seen many old-timers lament that TTR has lost its raunchy edge and I can't say I have a good frame of reference for that as I've only seen the post-renovation resort, but I can say that the first thing I walked into was an Iron Man competition that featured a competitor and his wife doing a naked lap around the pool after a lost bet with the MC. Later, there was a "Temptation Miches Pool Party" that looks to be an advertising campaign for the new Dominican location. Staff rained beach balls on us from the bash railing and a gorgeous dance team came in to perform - getting and staying fully topless about halfway through their routine to my great surprise and delight. This is the first time I've seen any "professional" nudity on my three trips and feels like a departure from the buttoned-up reputation they've gained since the renovation.

    Boobs Cruise
    This was our first time and my only regret now is not going twice before. We attended the 9/22 Friday trip. Sarah was unfortunately out, but Chinos and Omar know how to throw a hell of a party. I'll follow standard procedure and not go into too much detail, but I did want to list out some things I've yet to see anybody talk about.
    • Drink what's in your hand. The boat crew is fantastic and will not let cups dip below half full, so keep drinking. This may be a dirty secret, but I suspect the cocktail mixes are just a little watered-down with the intent of keeping guests hydrated. Six hours in the Caribbean sun with little clothing (or no clothing for some of us) is brutal and constant liquid intake is crucial.
    • Dancing on a boat is hard, and gets more difficult the more you drink. Mileage may vary on this one depending on whether or not you've got your "sea legs". Additionally, the cargo straps from the front area started to give us blisters on the return trip. Footwear is not allowed on deck, so my only advice here is maybe take a break with the boring people in the back if your toes start to ache.
    • Bring your own towels. Easy enough if you're staying at TTR. Might have to get creative if not.


    Food at TTR fares from decent to great. The highlights of this trip were Romanza and She.

    Big changes here. When we visited in 2018, She was a curated multi-course experience. It now follows a more traditional menu restaurant format. The entertainment has also evolved. In 2018, the show consisted of one dancer and one pole performer - both lovely and talented playmakers (Natascha and Belin I believe) who seemingly performed as part of their regular roles.

    The 2023 crew I believe only work in She as I did not see them anywhere else and consisted of two of the most beautiful women we'd ever seen and a male performer I took to calling "Bruno Mars's buff cousin". On a weekend where our TV never left the Playboy Channel and we both watched and participated in multiple public sex acts, I can confidently say the performance at She was the sexiest part of the trip. We were lucky enough to have a VIP table within heel-clicking distance of one of the poles. The food was easily the best of the entire weekend, but I left a couple courses unfinished thanks to the display in front of me.

    I was later told that the Friday night show (we visited on Saturday) is fully topless so I know the first reservation I'm making next trip.​

    Night Foam Party
    This may be blasphemy, but we much prefer the nighttime foam pool party to any of the Bash events. Dancing in water is less sweaty and tiring. Women are allowed to go topless, which is great because I've always thought it was silly that dress codes gets more restrictive after the sun goes down. We would love if this was expanded to more than one night a week during the summer.

    Age of Guests
    This has definitely trended downward even in just the five years we've been attending. We're mid-30s and I would say our age-group or younger made up the majority of party-goers this trip. I can't say it bothers me being in the target demographic, but I do understand what older guests on this forum mean when they say the vibe has changed.

    Visiting Cancun during hurricane season always feels like a slight gamble, but hasn't bitten us yet. We had our first big jungle rain during this trip. 30 minutes or so of torrential downpour where we decided to just hang out at the Skybar and order lunch. Staff was on the ball and quickly got to work with squeegees once the rain letup.

    That's all the points I wanted to hit. I'm happy to answer any questions for those curious about returning or making a first-time trip.
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    Great review!!
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    Great review. Glad to read the resort is still raunchy!
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