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    Per Steve's request, I'm posting this in a new thread so that other's may read and get feedback....Enjoy

    First night home and first good night's sleep in a week!! That being said we had an excellent time and met so many awesome people!! Second trip and just as good if not better than the first!! Now, every trip will be great but different as the people will be different, I loved meeting up with some old friends and enjoyed the new ones we've made!!

    Ray & Diana, you're the best and we thoroughly enjoyed your company every day!! Can't wait to meet up with you guys again at some point!! Diana, your tattoos are thoughtful, beautiful, and very tastefully done and this coming from someone who is just not that into them! lol...Then again if I had your body....I may think twice! XOXO

    Scott & Michelle, You know you've found a great couple for friends when they tell you, "you made our trip!" Well, little did you know you made ours as well!! I'm glad that we helped answer some of your questions and so glad you really enjoyed your first TTR experience....Scott, hopefully that's the first and LAST time Michelle paddles your ass!! LOL Poor guy!...I sent ya the pics!

    Andra & Rob, you're such a cute couple, but Rob I had no idea you were you from chatting with you on FB, Dude you need to change your pic, not that it's a bad one but it looks nothing like you now Stud, you!! Andra you have a good guy there, he watched over you well!! lol Can't wait to see you all again at some point!!

    Mark & Maria, You were our first contacts/friends last year when we joined CCC, you always brighten a party!! So glad we had the same dates even though we never checked with each other. It was a pleasure seeing and dinning with you both again!! Can't wait for the next time!! You crazy Brits!! XOXO

    Stacy & Forrest, It may have only been one late afternoon, dinner and theme night but we made the best of it!! Happy Fabtabulous Fiftieth!! You so deserve the month long celebration!! You looked damn hot in that red dress!!! Until next time my friend!! XOXO

    Chad & Kristie, Wonderful couple and so little time...wished we had more but glad we're connected through FB!! Until next time!

    Jen & Ray...otherwise known as awesome couple from the UK....After asking many times and Still Not understanding her British accent she was re-named, and loved it!! lol Til we meet again my friend!!

    There were so many others as well......Darren & Sarah, Joel & Tina, Matt & Jessica, John and Stephanie, Misty & Hubby John? I think...(who's name escapes me) which is weird because I did so well all week that I had people coming to me asking, 'who is that again?' lol, Steph & Jen, Sharon, Treece & Chris, Angellisa, Al & Kristie, Aaron & Aimee, Bruce & Leelo and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting but if I didn't mention you it's not for lack of searching the threads to jog my memory!! I remember the hot long haired redhead with the bald hubby thinking late 20's early 30's just in the next room from ours both names I can't think of but we know you had fun!!! XO We enjoyed meeting up with all of you some for a 2nd time and some for the first, we certainly hope it won't be the last!!

    I must admit though, within our little group there was much participation in the group night themes and can't wait to post those pics as soon as I get them off the camera I'll send them to my album...stayed tuned!

    So if you haven't gathered by now it's Really NOT the place but the people that make these trips so amazing!! So onto the resort I do hope that the reno's just make it a bigger and better place!! AND get rid of the riff-raff that we all had to deal with while there this week namely the 5 idiots who acted like freaking 12 yr olds at a place where doing Cannon balls into the sexy pool getting pool water in everyone's drinks and throwing a nerf football into the backs of people's heads (FOR FUN)....or them running down the halls screaming at the top of their lungs or banging on doors at 6-7 am and screaming "hola" and running when people answered the door will finally be stopped, I'm ALLLLLLLL For it!!!

    That being said we were told that the jewelry lady who has been there for 45 yrs and Angie the tattoo lady are not coming back, very sad to say the least. Most are looking for other jobs and many will do that knowing they will be coming back when it re-opens. The Maid service could've been a bit better, left us no TP and one towel on a few days...ugh! But after leaving a note all was fine. All other services were wonderful food choices amazing!! No major complaints at all!!! Our look at our first room and we passed, it was a small wedge and felt very enclosed....we were then offered in the 5000's and we asked if anything was available in the 2000's as it would no longer be there! They had one and We felt we got a palace!! Just above the lobby Street side, two balconies it could've held 30 people, we never heard a peep from PatyO's and only a large bus from time to time, It ROCKED!! Besides walking across the street for souvenirs and the two boobs cruises we never left the resort!!

    That being said let me move onto those...FIRST, a Big thanks to Steve & Jannet who put these on, once again congratulations on your 300th now 301st Boobs Cruise, their awesome!!! Second, in two trips we've managed 4 cruises and each one a great trip in its own way, AGAIN due to the people that are on it!!

    To whomever found and left my earring in lost in found THANKYOU!!!! It was a gold hoop with an oval diamond You ROCK!!! Tim had given them to me and more sentimental than anything...... To the asswipes that stole our chair savers the Tarzan and Jane Aprons, your douchbags and petty for taking something that you Knew was clearly NOT Yours to take, hope you enjoy them, Karma's a bitch and I hope she bites back big!!!

    Last but certainly not Least I want to thank my amazing Hubby Tim, first for finding this place of non-judgemental and amazing people; second for helping me open up more than I already was....(geeze, could that even be seeing I'm the extravert of the two!! LOL And Third, for giving me the most amazing 33 years....granted not everyday has been totally awesome but if I had to say I'd do it all over again I'd do it in a heartbeat!! I love you and hope the next 33 will be just as grand!!! XOXOX

    A bit long I know, a lot I probably forgot to mention...I may be editing It's not goodbye, it's until next time!!

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