SB Fishing????

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Alcoholic Smurf, Feb 5, 2006.


Will I get to go fishing?

  1. No way, you'll be way to busy drinking and partying

  2. Sure you will but you will be really hung-over

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  1. Alcoholic Smurf

    Alcoholic Smurf Guest

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    Fishing is very different here to that in cancun and canada!
    We don't have the same species, reef environment or tropical warm water and a huge factor weather. I've caught most of the available species in Irish waters! It is the difference that makes it so appealing to me! Canada would be different again!

    Madd Dougg --not sure, but I think u are there at a different time to us
    (4th-19th march) but if u are we might be doing the night fishing thing for $50 and a proper deep sea charter for which we will be lookin for people to split the boat/costs!!
  2. silverback

    silverback Guest

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    Me and my mates are wanting to get at least one fishing trip organised while we're over there. We want to catch some big f*ckers like Marlin or Tuna. If you hear of any good companies, let me know. We have to be able to keep one fish each though. Preferably they'll cook it for us on the boat too!
  3. Madd Dougg

    Madd Dougg Guest

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    You will probably catch Baracuda's

    Or something larger....
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