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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Alcoholic Smurf, Feb 5, 2006.


Will I get to go fishing?

  1. No way, you'll be way to busy drinking and partying

  2. Sure you will but you will be really hung-over

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  1. Alcoholic Smurf

    Alcoholic Smurf Guest

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    Have checked out most of the previous posts in all forums on this topic and was just wondering have/will any of you breakers givin it a shot?

    I'm into fishin, but just wondering will i get a chance to with from what I've gathered is a constant party goin on! I watched a tv programe on fishing along the yucatan peninsula last night and it seemed awsome!

    I am in cancun for 2 weeks and coming all the way from Ireland and don't get me wrong i love to party, but would like to try everything it has to offer!

    Any info/advice appreciated :D

    PS I know this might be weird for the breakers forum but just wanted a breakers eye view on the topic!
  2. stylz

    stylz Guest

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    i'll be goin fishin all day, for some ladies that is :D :D
  3. Ant95

    Ant95 Guest

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    absolutely not, no fishing for this kid, i go occasionally with my uncle and his friend on his boat but i find it extremely boring ( i end up drinking and working on my tan lol) and ill be waaaayyy to hungover to do that kind of activity, being on a boat in that sun takes a toll on u big time, but u have 2 weeks so u can find the time to fit it in with one week its not as easy
  4. gollum-on-crack

    gollum-on-crack Regular Registered Member

    Feb 4, 2005
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    Fishing is like a poor mans hunting
  5. u2j

    u2j Guest

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    honestly, tell me the difference between fishing in ireland, canada, the states, cancun or anywhere else in this world:
    you are in a boat, with a rod and water all around you waiting for a fish, (plus drinks etc....)

    you like it which is great, but this is something you can do back home and enjoy as a little break,

    if you are in cancun for a week or even 2 weeks it is not enough time to do all the things that you can only do and enjoy in cancun, so finish doing those first then go fishing if you had enough time left.

    The truth is you are not going to have enough time to even thing of going fishing.

    You will get alot of fish before you even get on to the boat :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Madd Dougg

    Madd Dougg Guest

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    Ok heres an answer coming from a guy who was watching that same programme the other day whilst sick at home!

    I saw them doing deep sea fishing in the Yacatan Pensula myself and the deep sea fishing looked great.

    I wouldn't mind giving it a go, I did check out some places which organished this in Cancun but my friend wasn't up for it, But looks great you can fish for some real big fishes......
  7. *+*Kirstie*+*

    *+*Kirstie*+* Guest

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    mine and shezz's fish are dating :wink:
  8. Madd Dougg

    Madd Dougg Guest

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    My Shark will make a small fest out of your fishes! :lol:
  9. Geordie

    Geordie Guest

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  10. Madd Dougg

    Madd Dougg Guest

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    lol :lol:
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