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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by duber432, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Hey guys, going to Cancun next week...haven't been in several years...looking for some clubs that have salsa dancing....there used to be a latin club in the Krystal Hotel and another one called Bachata on the Hotel Zone you know if there still around? thanks!
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    Not sure about those two, but Mambo Cafe relocated to the hotel zone after the downtown premises burnt down.
  3. 212eric

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    Batacha used to be located at the Miramar Mision hotel, both of which have closed since your last vacation. The club located at Dreams Resort, formerly the Camino Real Hotel, is called Azucar. Both Mambo Cafe and Azucar are the best options for Salsa dancing in the Hotel Zone.

    If you are interested in Centro (Downtown) clubs, you should go to Nuevo Melao, El Rincon Cubano or Sabor Latino.

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    Azucar is in Dreams Hotel just past the Krystal. Bachata closed years ago.

    For me, I prefer Azucar to dance salsa. Have fun!
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