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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by eutiqueo, Jul 26, 2007.

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    1 Are sailing boats cheaper in Mex or Us (small sail boat ,not a toy wisse)

    2 were can I learn more about sailing ingeneral like rule or laws.

    3 what are the diferes in yatch(yate) and sail boat because
    this guy calls this boat a yate and has a sail on it [​IMG]
    plz forgive my ignorance as you can tell i'm new :shock:
  2. Drewbert

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    Cheaper in the US by far, I would say. Supply and demand.

    IIRC, if you buy a Mexican registered boat, your captain has to be approved by the local port master = exam in Spanish.

    FM2/3 holders can have a foreign registered boat, and don't have as many restrictions.

    In some places, yachts = sailboats.
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    Oh but don't forget, you can always offset the great expense of your boat by smuggling Cubans (it's one of the more popular illegal activities in Cancun dontchaknow).
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