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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by cindyinmpls, Feb 11, 2007.

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    Does anyone know about this newer tour from the Palace resorts?
    It talks about Palancar (sp) reef...know where that is. But also talks about private beach club.
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    snorkel tour palaces

    The snorkel tours take off from your resort. We couldn't get in on it but, you'll see the cat's taking the tours along the coast of Cozemel. It is very popular so book it before you go or as soon as you get to the resort. they changed the name of the tour now I see. I'm figuring our next time we go we'll just take boat over to cozemel and take the tour from palace hotel that leaves at 10am it has snorkeling on it and then when its done snorkel in front of the hotel as it looks good there. Plus, if your a guest of palace resorts you can use all the resorts ammenities, eat and such and then take boat back accross in evening. The isla majurles is a great trip to snorkel as well, party boat over and back, with buffet on island, and little shopping downtown isla. We've done that on 2 other trips there. The Adventura spa is the best place to stay..... taxi to playa del carmen or Tulum/xphuha is cheap and gives you lots of things to do on little or no money with your palace wrist band. any more info you need on palaces shoot me a note we've been twice and seen all they have to offer..... going back in 2008 for 10 days this time around.
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