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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by mugway05, Jul 15, 2007.

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    Hey Guys,

    I just thought I would send an email about my week in Spain for the running of the bulls. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I had such a blast. I finished work on the tuesday in the afternoon and made my way to the airport. My flight was delayed by about 3 hours so it meant when I got to Barcelona, that instead of going to the hostel I just slept at the train station with 3 americans who were in the same boat. Train for Pamps left 6am and 5 hours later I had arrived. I had met some other guys who were staying at the Fanatics camp site and we all caught the bus there together.
    First night we just headed into town and had a look at the course of the bull run. We had some dinner at a Tapas bar followed by a few drinks then back to the camp site to bed. A pretty quiet night.

    The next day was the running of the nudes. The running of the nudes is a protest against the running of the bulls and the cruelty to animals. It was a scorching hot day. Just what I needed seeing as though it was still so bloody cold in London. I started by drinking some wine and waiting for the nude run to begin. I wanted some photo's from up above. (Im not a perv it was just such a huge crowd and one of the funniest sites ever.) So I took a few photo's then went down and joined in. Got down there and found my mate Shorty running the show. Walking around in his jocks screaming out some chants in Spanish. I soon worked them out and joined in as well. We paraded through the streets drinking beers with all the other nude people. You were not aloud to take your bottoms off or the police would belt you with batons. So it was hardly nude but funny all the same. We ate Kangaroo burgers at some aussie bar and then bought lilo's to sleep on. I thought it would be ok just to sleep on the ground but stuff that. After lunch we headed back to campsite and hang around the pool making heaps of new friends. I got absolutely off me chops and talked sh*t to every one and partied till the wee hours. I think I had about 2-3hrs sleep.

    The next day was opening ceremony. My opinion the biggest craziest party I have ever seen. (And I have been to Carnival in Brazil and Spring break in Cancun among others.) This Party takes the cake.
    We rocked up in out white suits at about 11am. People were already p*ssed. We drank loads of Sangria and through it over every one we seen. As Midday struck every one popped champaign and just sprayed the crowd. There was just thousands of people crammed through all the streets. You could barely move. All day I was covered in Sangria, Champaign, flour, shaving name it. As you walked through the streets there were girls hanging out of balconies flashing all the boys below as they chanted more more more in spanish. It was gold. And these girls were gorgeous. I had lost every one from the campsite and occasionally bumped into the a few boys from footy, but it was impossible to find anyone. It was just so packed and so mental. I decided to go check out the muscle bar that every one was raving about. It was the craziest most stupid thing I have ever seen. There is a tower in the middle of town. A heap of Aussies and Kiwi's who are off there guts climb up this tower and then face plant into the crowd below who catch them. The 1st guy I seen jump just went thump. Hit the ground and blood was just pouring out his head. I hang around this joint for hours just watching idiot after idiot jump off this tower. It was gut wrenching. I seen at least 3 concussions, a broken leg and a suspected broken neck. Idiots. Each year someone dies from this tower. Anyways the opening ceremony party pretty much went all day and all night and until the 1st bull run. I had decided to run so went home about 230am to get some sleep.

    Got up at 530am so I could get into the 1st bull run. We made our may onto the course and waited and waited and waited. About 20 minutes before they were to be released the Riot police came in to clear the street. There were just too many people wanting to do the run. I was unluckily in the wrong spot so yeah got pushed out and missed the run. Couldn't even watch it. I was a shattered man. On the way back to the campsite I bumped into Kruges. Small world. He was staying at the same joint. We got back to the campsite and it was once again a perfect day in the sun. I decided we should have a pool and punch party. I went and bought a bucket, bottle of vodka, champaign, sangria, juice and fruit salad. It was gold. Awesome punch. We chilled by the pool and a heap of people came and joined us. People would walk past and say I have a bottle of vodka. I'll add to your punch if I can have some. It was gold. By the end of the day we had gone through 3 buckets of punch.
    We decided to head into town for some dinner. 1 of the boys knew of a good seafood restaurant. So Myself, Rick, Nick, Susan and Sarah all decided to go there and eat. We ordered 3 plates of calamari (about 10 pieces on each plate) 2 small plates of chips and 1 glass of Sangria each. While we were eating we became friends with some locals sitting next to us. We shared food and had a laugh. We asked the waiter for our bill and he wanted 154euro. We just laughed and and asked for the real price. But no this was the real price. Even though Nick had been here the day before and ate the same thing and it only cost around 15euro per person. So we showed the local people sitting next to us the bill and they were as upset as we were. They had a go at the waiter and they were arguing for about 5 minutes in spanish. We didnt know what to do. Next thing 1 of them tried to pay the bill for us. We would not have any of it. We decided we would just give them 10euro each and go. But they wouldnt take it. Next thing a young local from another table came over and was arguing our point as well. He basically told us to run. So we told the girls to go outside and we would meet them soon. Every one was still arguing so I found the right moment and BAM I was gone like the wind. I got across the road and next thing I see Rick running like Linford Cristie. I go over and tackle him and we wait for Nick. 10 minutes later still no sign of him. So we decided to try and find the girls at the bar we had planned to meet at. spend about 3 hours walking the streets drinking booze but Couldn't find the joint so just went back to the campsite. 1st person we see back there was Nick. We were worried he had been caught and had to pay the bill. We asked what had happened and sad that basically they were all arguing and then the waiter pushed 1 of the locals who was sticking up for us so Nick went bang and punched him between the eyes and knocked him out. He then just walked out. Crazy. Anyways went to bed not long after.

    Woke up just in time for the last bus into town for the bull run. This was my last chance to do it as I was leaving that day.
    We got into town about 7am. An hour before the run. I had worked out where to start and not get pushed out by the police.
    I pushed my way through the crowd and waited in anticipation. It was about 5 minutes before and the crowd had started moving forward. It was on. Just as we were just staring to jog I pulled out my camera and took a photo of me and another bloke in a Collingwood jumper. Next thing you know 3 cops grab me and push me through the fence. I was devastated. Apparently you cant take your camera on the bull run. It was my last chance and I had come all this way to do it and then all of a sudden the dream is over. They tried to push me through another fence and back into the crowd but they would not move. So I had to just stand there next to the fence. There were a couple of others who had been put there like me. I said bugger it lets just make a run for it. The cops turned there back and I went for it. Through the fence. Just as I got through I just missed being hit by batton. I just ran like crazy. I had just passed dead mans corner when the first bull came roaring past me. I just pushed to the sides. Every one was falling over. I knew I had to run my ass off to make the arena which was about 300 metres away before the last bull or I would be locked. So I am running like crazy and hurdling people who had fallen over.
    The last bull had past and just made it through before they closed the gates. I still had to make the arena. But luckily for me and not so lucky for some others, a bull had fallen over and turned around and had a go at the crowd and took a few out. This gave me enough time to catch up and make it to the arena. Once inside the arena they let a smaller bull into the ring which would bolt at full speed and take out a heap of people. Every one was trying to touch it and lot of people got hurt. It was was insane. This went on for about 30 minutes. At 1 point I laid down on the ground next to Spec while came roaring through the gate and just missed me. That was just as scary as the actual bull run.

    After the bulls I headed back to the camp site and packed my gear and said good byes and headed to Barcelona where I partied for another 2 nights before heading back to cold old bloody London.
    Guys this was up there as the best experience I have ever done, so if you get a chance just get there.
    Sorry its a bit long if I have bored you to tears but It truly is amazing. See you there again next year.
    Love Mick

    P.s. To every one I met in Pamps, I just want to say it was a pleasure. I really enjoyed your company and I hope we can all catch up again some time soon. Love you all!!!!

    Pics Link:
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    good pics and report man, seems like a wild time
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    How cool!!

    That's something I have always wanted to see!! Thanks for the trip report and pictures. I envy you.
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    Thanks for sharing.. Enjoyed the report and pics...
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    Awesome report and pics. Looks like a blast.
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    [​IMG] WOW !!

    What an awesome experience !!

    Running with the bulls is on my list of things to see.....not do. :D
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    Mugway, this is DEFINATELY something I'll be doing within the next few years.. Id rather be the King of PAMPLONA then the king of SPRING BREAK (No offense Jason)
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    Awesome Mugway!!! Great report! Amazing... Thank you for sharing it!
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    Yeah like I said it was one of the best weeks in my life.

    So if you get a chance you definately have to get on down to Pamps.

    Im definately going back next year.

    2008 is going to be wonderful. March Cancun July Pamps.

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    You know I have always wanted to do that.
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