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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by Glenn Wood, Jun 14, 2024.

  1. Glenn Wood

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    Jun 11, 2024
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    We are booking Temptation for the first time. Traveling in August. Can't decide which room to book...Trendy Ocean or Plush Jacuzzi Ocean View Or Bash Tower Ocean view. Any opinions? Or can anyone tell me the benefits of one over the others?
  2. jr7736

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    Jul 27, 2018
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    We’ve been in just about every room the resort has to offer. With the exception of the suites, I think all the rooms are very similar.

    If you stay in the tower you get free access to to the sky bar/roof top pool. The sky bar is nice but the Sexy Pool is definitely the main attraction. There’s always the chance to watch or put on an amateur show if you stay in the tower. Fun but not a necessity for us.

    The jacuzzi rooms are the same as all the others but with the obvious addition. For us, the room is inconsequential. We’re in the room for a relatively short period of time. We typically book a Garden View room and have never been disappointed.
  3. LuvToDance

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    Jun 30, 2015
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    Never been in garden view. But been in 4 different ocean view. Some smaller than others (too small for 2 people to cross at the end of the bed at same time).
    Stayed in Master suite, it was totally amazing, size in room bar, and amazing views of gulf and pool (and a room for partying in).
    Stayed in jacuzzi quiet pool room. Nice size, small jacuzzi though. Bit of a walk to everything.

    Been is friends tower ocean view lots. Nice room, better bathrooms (plenty of room for ladies to get ready).
    Been in the suite near Sea Flirt that look alright at ocean. Ground floor was great with hot tub on beach, but it’s on the beach. There is no privacy from non-TTR people, so being naked and sexy time with blinds up is awkward. And the window is the entire wall.
    Staying in Lush Tower in a few months, 1st time. Hope it’s as great as Master.
  4. MikeandHeather

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    Lush Tower is not as great as the master. It is a basic Bash tower room at the “U”. There are 4 on each floor and the two middle ones seem a bit bigger (and more rectangular) than the outer ones. They do have a “dipping” tub (not a hot tub) on the balcony and the balconies are slightly bigger than normal Bash. Master and PH are definitely the best (but also most $$). Bash rooms are great for the skybar access but also loud if you do not close Bash down every night. Higher up and closer to the “U” are a bit quieter but you don’t escape the Bass anywhere in the Tower. The bottom beachfront rooms are cool but hard to get guaranteed (because there are same types just not bottom floor with the walkout deck to the beach). Also can be problematic as you mentioned. There are also two rooms that share a patio that are garden “rooftop” rooms, we never had them but partied there one year. Supercool but no clue how to get them?
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