Riviera Maya vrs. Cancun vrs. Dominican Republic

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Danielle, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Hey guys!
    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but it kinda sorta involves Cancun so I figured it was more appropriate here rather than Free For All.

    My bf and I are trying to plan a vacation together, end of July till the beginning of Aug. At first we were looking at Punta Cana, DR. Some of the resorts look nice and it's pretty affordable, but several people have told me that you are basically confined to the resorts because there's nothing to really do outside of them. (and it can be dangerous).. also, there's really not much going on after 10pm as far as nightlife/entertainment goes, based on reviews....

    As much as I LOVE Cancun, we were looking for something a bit on the laid-back, relaxing side, being that this is our first vacation together, but at the same time, we'd like the option of being able to leave the resort and have maybe a little bit of a nightlife/entertainment choice.. not as crazy as Cancun.

    Then I thought of the Riviera Maya! The Riu Palace Riviera Maya looks awesome, and it's about the same price as a few places we were looking at in DR. We want something that's couple-y. (ie. no teenagers/college kids drinking/pissing in the pool bar)

    What do you all think?

    And, about how far is it from Cancun and the Hotel Zone? Ya never know, maybe one night we'll decide to be a little daring and head out for a wild night at Coco Bongo or Senor Frogs!......

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    In my opinion Cancun is what you make of it. I have been to the BBG a few times and the first trip it was balls to the wall party central. The second time I made up my mind to just relax and do very little. Both times were a success. I also have gone to the Golden Parnassus and there the same thing. If you wanted to party down you could. If you wanted to just relax and do nothing you had that option. Hope this helps on the Cancun end of it.
    I have also been to Punta Cana and had a good time but it is more of a relaxing place unless you are into water sports. The party places are there but few and far between. I never felt like I was in danger or anything , but I stayed on the hotel property most of the time.
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    Staying at a resort near Playa Del Carmen would probably be a good idea for you guys. Playa has all the nightlife and dining you could ask for and the areas surrounding it are very laid back. I believe one or more of the Royal resorts in and around Playa are adults only.

    If you stay down towards Playa many of the hotels offer bar tours at night to Cancun as well. Taking a taxi from that area would be very expensive for two people given the 45 minute or so ride between the two areas.
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    I just got an email from the Real Resorts, they are offering $60 a night, all-inclusive in Playa. It's right on 5th ave. Sounds like just what your looking for & the price is fantastic.

    If I had more vacation time, I'd be booking it right now!

  5. Marooned

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    Do you have more info on that $60 deal?..contact info, coupon code, etc.

    Maybe you could just post the email here.

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