Riu Palace Las Americas ***** AI

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 22, 2005.

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    I have no pics for you, but my buddy's parents just got back and said it was all good there. My other buddy's parents are going for 2 weeks at the same time you are going.
  2. AJ0527

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    Do they have any pictures they are willing to share?
    I just want to see what the beach looks like.
  3. superstylin

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    Riu Hotels

    Im leaving for Riu Caribe March 27th with 3 friends....have stayed at Riu Cancun last year...what is the hotel like today?....anyone have any pix?....Trip advisor has mixed reviews....Thanx
  4. insaneface

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    does anyone know if RUI PALACE LAS AMERICAS has hbo. The Sopranos start the weekend i am there and ive been a fan since it started. I would hate to miss it. hahahahaha but any info would be great. thanks a bunch
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    RPLA May 24-30

    I was just wondering if anyone else is going to be at RPLA May 24-30? My husband and I can't wait!!
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    I was asked to post this in here for the nightly shows in the theatre:

    They all start at 9:45.

    Monday - Michael Jackson
    Tuesday - Show Tropical
    Wednesday - Show Grease
    Thursday - Las Vegas
    Friday - Miss RIU
    Saturday - Mariachi
    Sunday - Folklore Mexicano

    The line up is different next door at the RIU Cancun.
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    We are going to the Rui palace las americas for our honeymoon, my father keeps putting a dampner on it, repeating about last years hurricane, please could you confirm that the beaches are up to standard as is the hotel, as we do not want to be disappointed as it is our honeymoon.
    Really appreciate feedback
    Many Thanks
    Anna :?
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    Re: Honeymoon

    if you can go to webshots.com and type in riu las americas in the search and it will show some recent pics of the hotel. Thats really all I can say about helping you. Sorry. Hope this helps. Have fun on your honeymoon!

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    RPLA July 3rd - 8th!

    This is really my 1st time on this forum and I was wondering if anyone knew if the RPLA had a dress code at night. I beleive I read somewhere where we did have to wear pants to dinner and a golf shirt but I'm not quiet sure. Also is the sea lice still a probem down there. I have been trying to find the SAFE SEA and can't find any anywhere and the SAFESEA on the internet is backordered.
    My Girlfriend and I are coming down for my B-day so it should be a BLAST anyway. Also thanks for all the info on cancuncare forum. You guys really provided a lot of great info for us.

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    We also have a Riu dedicated forum over at RiuChat.info, heres the link:


    It is a little quiet on posts but there are at least 50 people a day visiting, so I guess they just need something to talk about!
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