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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Riu Palace Las Americas

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Riu Palace Las Americas here.

    Located at Km8 it is a bus ride away to downtown and walking distance to the main party centre. This hotel is bay side.

    Check the links below for availability and pricing with the following operators:


    Travel Center
  2. CancunChica

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    We stayed at the RPLA at the end of April. Beautiful, majestic, clean, everything everyone says about it.
    Our fave things/pros:
    mini fridge stocked daily w/ bottled water, soda & beer
    4 hard liquor drink dispensers in the room (not premium stuff, but OK)
    Terrific breakfast buffet, every single food you can imagine
    Japanese a la carte restaurant-The very best meal we had there
    Nice, upscale lounge/bar in the lobby to relax and have drinks
    Big, fun pool w/ DJ and activities
    Cute young animation staff (Tadeo & Poncho) that took us to the clubs
    Calm, crystal clear water
    Beautiful lobby, lots of marble. Lobby bathrooms were impressive too!
    The best location! 5 minute walk to all the clubs and shopping.

    Least fave (slight complaints):
    Service at restaurants was a little slow (but its so busy & so many people)
    Musty smell in rooms
    Hotel guests were quiet & not that friendly, not a young, fun,crazy,crowd
    Lunch buffet was all hot, super "heavy" foods, I would have loved a grilled chicken salad or a wrap!
    Water pressure wasn't the best, and it took a while to get hot water

    We really did enjoy our stay there, loved the hotel, has to be one of the best trips we ever took. Next time we will stay at the RIU Cancun and/or BBG. Those places seem to have all the fun happening.
  3. bigmac

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    We visited this great hotel in March 2004, and plan to re-visit for a week very soon. We've been told all of its restaurants are now back in operation -- can someone verify that? Also, can someone tell us the condition of the beach? Any other feedback also will be appreciated. This hotel is immediately adjacent and to the left (west) of the former Riu Cancun (now renamed Riu Palace, I believe).

    Please advise, and thanks.
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    According to another post in another forum I think titled *beaches*, someone mentioned the beach is fully in place and the hotel is up and running 100% .
  5. Patricia

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    RIU Palace Las Americas

    If you're concerned about going back to Cancun so soon after Wilma, let me assure you that RIU Palace is a great find for my husband and I. Our usual hotel is still uninhabitable and so we arrived at the RIU Palace on Christmas Day 2005. The rooms were great. The food was good, and the staff tries to be very accommodating. We especially loved the rock and reef that you can snorkel around just off the beach. The waves are not strong there like we like them, however the free snorkeling made up for it. We saw many fish and even a baracuda. I would definitley go back. Thanks for this forum, Patricia.
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    NEED OPINIONS: Riu Cancun or Riu Palace Las Americas

    It was suggested that I move this post here.

    My wife and I are coming to Cancun for a 7 day stay in May. In November, we had reservations at the Riu Palace Las Americas but we decided to reschedule to May.

    We've found that there is quite a price difference between November and May, so we have been looking at different all-inclusive places.

    After all that we've read, it seems like nobody has anything bad to say about either of the two places. The Las Americas is about $54 per night more expensive.

    Simple question; Is the Las Americas worth the extra price, and since we are hoping to find some specials, how long should we wait before booking?

    Thanks for your help.
  7. Patricia

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    You asked if Las Americas was worth the extra money and I say yes. We haven't ever stayed at the RIU Cancun however we did walk over there to check thing out. It seems to me that you have a better chance at a oceanview room without maybe paying the upgrade, the pool was heated, the whirlpool towards the west side of the property was heated, and the restaurants and bars seemed much nicer. RIU Cancun did seem to have a delicious grill and buffett going on every night. I loved the buffett at Las Americas and the Japanese restaurant was great! I'm telling you that you can't go wrong with this place. I'm pretty picky. If I liked it, I'm sure that you will. I would go before May if I were you. In May there are these invisible things in the water called sea fleas and they come in May. Yes, the pests are in the water and they will make you itch like crazy when you get oput of the ocean. So good luck with your choice. I hope this may have helped somebody else. Thanks for this forum. Your Cancun buddy, Patricia
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    RIU Las Americas

    We also arrived Xmas day at Las Americas, Staff and food are both
    delightefull. Most of our coach (all but six of us) departed into the Riu
    Cancun most on upgrades, its a monster of a hotel and twice we tried
    it for a drink (any one at the Las Americas can eat and drink at the
    Cancun free of charge, but anyone from the Cancun are not even allowed off the beach into the Las Americas) the service was 2nd class and apparently the rooms are not nice and its very noisy at night. One chap with Thompson had booked the Moon Palace, but it was not ready, were moved to the Cancun and after one night (no sleep) wanted to be flown home, was eventually move to the palace, and had a wonderfull time. I would pay $100 extra per night, worth ever penny!! Only gripe would be rooms on the seventh floor (725ish, to the right of the hotel from the street) had a smelly musty damp problem, some times extremly bad, we moved to the other side of hotel after three days and problem sorted. Would not wait for specials as these are the only hotels open in the area, so a lot of crew are staying there at the moment.
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    Is there really a HUGE diff between the RIU Palace and the RIU? I find it so hard to believe that it can be that much better. I thought the RIU was an amazing hotel.
    From what I could see, the Riu Palace looked more old fashioned that the RIU.
    Anyone have any photos of the outside and inside?
  10. AJ0527

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    Does anyone have update pictures of the RIU Palace, going to be there from March 18-25. Maybe longer. We'll see how things work out.
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