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    Riu Caribe

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Riu Caribe here.

    Located at Km5 it is a 15 minute bus ride away to downtown and 10 minutes to the main party centre. This hotel is bay side.

    Check the links below for more information, availability and pricing with the following operators:

    Best Day Cancun



    Travel Center
  2. cant wait to get there

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    I LOVE this hotel

    I have to say, I wish that I had been able to post about this hotel once we got back to TX. There are so many things that I know I have forgotten about our stay. But, the things I remember about it are so numerous, I know I won't be able to list them all. I'll write it as a numbered list:
    1. The staff- They were so nice. We were in a group of 4. 1 couple, 2 single women. We ended up on separate ends of the hotel, and requested to be moved. The next day, they moved us to 3 doors down from our friends-who got a free upgrade to a room on the corner of the hotel w/ a wrap around balcony w/ a perfect view. We were SO jealous!
    2. The beach is VERY clean, the water is VERY clear. In my opinion, it was perfect on our visit. Every morning at 5-6, a man was on the beach combing up the washed up debris. Which sucked b/c I like to go along the beach to find the little shells and glass that wash up...but, it made for a truly white sand beach.
    3. The pool is very nice, w/ steps that you can put your chair on to lay out in the water. That was fun, and I have TONS of beached-whale-in-a-bikini photos to prove it!
    4. The food was Ok. That's all I can say about it. Didn't have a chance to go to the reservation restaurant, b/c we always got up too late.
    5. The fridge was always stocked, and if it wasn't, all you had to do was call.
    6. There was a mini-bar on the wall in the room. Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, and of course, Tequila. Perfect!
    7. I liked the step up tub/showers they had.
    8. Every hour of every day, they were cleaning. That was the cleanest hotel I've ever seen. And everyone you pass says hello.
    9. The bartenders inside of the hotel at the bar were funny. And they quizzed me on my spanish every day. LOL
    10. The lobby was beautiful. The ivies hanging from the 3rd floor, all of the plants and water in there. I can't even describe it. Pictures do it no justice.
    The thing is that we went when Riu first bought the hotel and renovated it, so, we got an awesome deal. Now, I've looked at the prices, and they're almost twice what we paid last June. So, I've been looking for cheaper places to stay.
    Anyways...if you go, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. OH, and we weren't bothered ONCE by time share people. It truly WAS a vacation. Good luck!
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    we are coming to this hotel for a week -21st Apr
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    Riu Caribe Presidential Suite

    Will be going to the Riu Caribe again this year in July and wanted to know if anyone knew how to obtain the Presidential Suite? We were on the 9th floor last year and realized that they had two of them. When we made our arrangements this year the travel agent could not bring them up. :?
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    Didn't care too much for the food and our room was kind of small. The hotel staff was nice and the pool activities were fun and had a ball at the bar.
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    riu cribe

    just returned from a four night stay (jan 2006) our first time to cancun! excellent time! you guys know how to have a good time. staff was excellent VIP treatment. food & drinks great. Area working hard to clean up after hurricane. much damage. many business closed. but riu caribe was great. pool / landscape beautiful. don't need to leave hotel....great entertainment. much fun & sun. Did take a trip to town market 28? lots of fun. great place to buy things to take home. jungle boat tour on 2 person speed boats well worth the money! enjoyed everything about our trip....except coming home to 28 degree weather & snow. we will be back to riu caribe hopefully soon. Thanks to everyone there who works so hard to make everything so enjoyable! Louie at the bar.....who we got to know real well...& the entertainment staff excellent shows keep up the good work......
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    great to hear becky..... do you have any pics of the resort, pool and beach area?? i'm concidering this resort for my trip and would love to see how its looking after the hurricane. Thanks
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    Me and mi mujer are going on the 5th Feb. I will report back hopefully letting everyone know what a great time we had (1st timers!)
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    that would be great... and some pics would help to. There a pretty good chance that my trip wont be booked by then... but that might help me make a decision.
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