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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by mssgucci, Oct 31, 2005.


Should we wait to stay at the Aqua or go ahead and book the Riu Cancun?

  1. The Aqua!

  2. The Riu Cancun!

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  3. Neither (please suggest something else!)

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  1. mssgucci

    mssgucci Guest

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    We were originally planning on staying at the Fiesta Americana Grand Aqua but from the looks of it, I don't see that happening. We've decided to ask our travel agent to to switch us to the Riu Cancun as I've read that the beaches there actually expanded, plus they have some good reviews on TripAdvisor. We've never stayed in this area and we're wondering if this hotel is a good choice. Also, did it hold up well? I saw Steve's pics but I'm still not sure. We're definitely going in February, just want to have a beach to lay on and a nice hotel to stay at. This trip was for our 4th wedding anniversary so we'd like to make it special.

    Thanks in advance for any advice! 8)
  2. csedgbeer

    csedgbeer Guest

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    we have rebooked to go to the Riu in early feb, were supposed to be going next week! , never been to cancun before, but that hotel looks pretty impressive!

    we can't wait!

    Chris (UK)
  3. rentalguy

    rentalguy Guest

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    from the riu website

    This is from the Riu website.

    RIU’s 5 resorts in Playa del Carmen, open again 28/10/2005

    Its establishments are ready to receive new guests as of today.
    The RIU chain reports that its 5 establishments in Playa del Carmen are already open and ready to receive new guests as of today, 28 October 2005.

    These hotels are the Riu Yucatán, Riu Palace México, ClubHotel
    Riu Tequila, Riu Playacar and Riu Lupita.

    Brigades of repair staff have worked night and day to clean the beach, repair damages to the hotel grounds and reopen the swimming pools, which have been inspected and prepared for use.

    The resorts have a stable supply of electricity and hot water and all kinds of food and beverages are available to guarantee a normal all-inclusive stay.

    The company warns that, to the contrary, the region around the hotel is logically not as attractive as it was before the hurricane, as the destination is still recovering from the effects of Wilma.

    Some RIU resorts are also awaiting small repainting and redecoration work in a few spots, although that does not affect normal holiday enjoyment.

    Hotels in Cancún

    RIU’s three hotels in Cancun, the Riu Palace Las Américas, Riu Cancún and Riu Caribe, are still closed. The chain is evaluating damages and carrying out repair work. RIU hopes to be able to report how long this work is expected to last on Wednesday.
  4. beach girl

    beach girl Guest

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    Hi There....

    Stayed at the Riu Cancun the last week of September and it was fantastic. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the resort. The service was fantastic and the resort itself unbelievably beautiful. They pretty much catered to every single one of our needs. I got an email from an employee there last week and he said it would be up and running by Nov. 15th so by Feb. you should be good to go. I'm trying to head back in Feb as well...can't wait to get back.
    Anymore questions about the resort, message me.
  5. Wisconsinlady

    Wisconsinlady Guest

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    We are booked at the RIU Cancun for November 18. This is a new booking since our other resort isn't available. So, I'm sure hoping that it'll be open when we arrive. :shock:
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