Report From Canadian TV on Warnings in Mexico

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    just a read for anyone who cares to read...

    Where Are The Worst Crime Areas In Mexico?
    Monday February 5, 2007
    It used to be a place Canadians associated with warm vacations for a relatively cheap price.

    But now Mexico is gaining a different kind of reputation as a potential danger spot for tourists.

    Thousands flock to the resorts in the country every year without incident. But it's those who don't come home that have left many GTA residents concerned.

    Their names have become well known to everyone in this city - the Ianieros, Adam De Prisco, Glifford Glasier and now the wounding of Rita Calara and Yoyo Manela in Acapulco.

    We've told you before what the Canadian government has to say about the dangers of travelling south of the border.

    But here's a breakdown from the U.S. State Department of the problems in each region of the country, and a warning of what travellers should expect.

    Acapulco (top left)

    The scene of the latest violence directed at tourists. Robberies and shootings fuelled by the drug trade seem to be the biggest danger. It's still not clear why a gunman fired into the lobby of a hotel where two Ontario residents were staying. But drug wars can escalate into violence, and Acapulco has been the scene of many of them.

    Drug cartels fighting over smuggling routes have made the popular spot increasingly dangerous over the past few months.

    At least six heads of decapitated police officers and alleged drug smugglers were found in the resort and nearby towns last year.

    But according to American officials, it's not just crime that can kill. Some tourists underestimate what appear to be the calm waters of the resort and swim too far. Many have died in rough surf by going beyond the bay area at the Revolcadero Beach in the resort city.

    Cabo San Lucas

    The usual warnings are out for tourists here. Don't be flashy with possessions and don't show a lot of money. Thieves are looking for visitors who come ready to spend and have no problem taking what you've got.

    The waters are also dangerous here, with rip tides and rogue waves a frequent problem. Beware of a quick dip on a beach posted as being dangerous.

    Cancun and Cozumel

    Two of the biggest tourist towns represent some of the worst hazards. Cancun boasts a population of about 500,000. And like any city with that many people, crime makes itself at home.

    Among the dangers: robbery, a constant threat, and what the U.S. State Department calls "crimes against persons", like rape. It warns many of the felonies occur after dark, when nightclubs are hopping and alcohol is flowing, leaving tourists in mellow moods and often not thinking about their own safety. Travelling in pairs and sticking to safe areas is recommended.

    There are also warnings of strong undertows along the beach in both cities, so anyone going for a dip is strongly cautioned to be careful.

    Matamoros/South Padre Island

    These are popular spring break destinations but tourists aren't the only ones who like the area. So do drug dealers, and rival gang turf wars have upped the violence quotient in these two places. Keep to safe areas, especially at night, and you should be O.K.


    Prone to petty crime, like robberies and muggings. There are also concerns about currents here and drowning dangers should you decide to favour the ocean over your resort's pool.


    The warnings here aren't crime so much as traffic. This spring break destination is often alcohol fuelled, and there have been an alarming number of accidents in the area. Remember under Mexican law you're often presumed guilty until proven innocent and extricating yourself from a drunk driving charge won't be easy - or cheap.


    The city itself has been prone to violent civil unrest for almost a year. The tourist areas are said to be safer, but changeable water conditions mean drowning is a constant threat at the popular Zipolite Beach.


    One of Mexico's biggest and busiest cities, it's also one of the most crime ridden. It's a major border point for motorists entering the country from the U.S., so if you're driving down south in that direction, be on your guard. Tourist beach towns like Rosarito and Ensenada can also be dangerous for robberies and pickpockets, along with alcohol-fed violence.

    And there's another disturbing trend that's emerged here, which so far hasn't affected any Canadians. But many Americans - especially those with business ties in the country - have been kidnapped by gangs of thieves and held for ransom, with demands that family members or companies pay up to secure their release.

    Source: U.S. State Department

    Mexican Police

    Don't ask lawyer Eddie Greenspan his opinion of the Mexican federales or you'll get a long lecture about their alleged corruption. While there are many honest lawmen, the pay scale for those wearing a badge in Mexico isn't high - ranging somewhere between $350-$450 (Cdn.) a month.

    As a consequence, many police officers are thought to be amenable to bribes by criminals to make their offences disappear. Drug dealers have been known to have some cops on their payrolls, as a means of protection and keeping them free from legal hassles.

    In some cases, tourists are also asked to kick into an illegal kitty in order to secure their own release on charges that range from real to manufactured.

    Corruption in the judiciary is thought to be widespread, so if you run into a problem in Mexico, chances are the Canadian Embassy won't be able to do much to help you.

    A 2002 U.N. study reported widespread corruption in the judicial system, especially in local or state courts.

    Most frequent crimes against tourists

    Armed robberies
    Robberies at ATMs
    Hotel robberies
    Taxi gouging and robberies by drivers
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    That's awful journalism!

    They cant quote the U.S. State Department as the source, they've taken snippets from the US State Department Advisory and embellished it with scarey words. :roll:
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    Your own home can be a hazardous place if you aren't careful :!: :!:

    When you take into account how many people travel to these beautiful places on vacation of course there are going to be accidents :!:
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    I know they are getting carried away over here....And nnedless to say you haven't heard a peep from that family who claims their son was beaten to death in Alcapulco...I think once the autopsy from Canada came out they realized they were wrong, and it was a hit and run :roll:

    Oh after the mother was quoted on TV as Saying " I hate being a Canadian" :roll:
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    Cancun and the Riviera Maya conservatively get something like 3.5 million International tourists per year. Statistically some amount of them are going get into trouble.

    Mexico has more hotels rooms per capita than almost any other country IN THE WORLD! Which means that we have a lot of tourists running around.

    And no matter where people go on vacation they want to relax and put their guard down. So they do make mistakes that lead to their getting into trouble.

    It may be that there is a fundamental lack of understanding of the statistical reality here.

    What percentage of tourists anywhere get raped?

    What percentage of tourists anywhere get robbed?

    What percentage of tourists anywhere fall drunk from a balcony?

    What percentage of tourists anywhere get murdered?

    I don't know the answers. But I strongly suspect that Mexico's numbers are within a standard deviation of normal.

    If Mexico gets MORE tourists per year than another country it will have more rapes, more robberies, more murders, more of everything. But that doesn't make Mexico more dangerous. It makes it MORE POPULAR as a tourist destination!
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    Rule of thumb I work by is.... "If your looking for trouble, you'll find it anywhere"

    As they say in London "Use your loaf", stick together at all times and stay safe, whether its your local town, major city or anywhere
  7. whdream

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    Well said..If everyone would just act like NON jack arses they shall be ok :lol:
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