Renting a Car on Cozumel

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by gracie, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. gracie

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    We want to go to cozumel by bus..not on a guided tour..and want to know approximately how much it is to rent a car on cozumel. Can anyone help us out? 11 days til Cancun!! :D
  2. Viking5343

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    WE wnet three years ago and rented a car it was around 65 dollars for the day could be more now
  3. cindyinmpls

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    depends on what you are looking to do. you could rent a taxi and go to Chakkanub park for the day and head back downtown to shop and eat cheaper than a car rental for the day. Or, if you want to explore the island car rental may be a better choice. If you rent it is best if you get a map from "map chick" so you can plan your day in advance.
  4. justjimmy

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    Last May

    Last May we rented a little Geo Tracker. 60 USD for 24 hours. Check your own insurance for coverage so you don't have to buy thiers. Make sure everything works on the car and note any damage. Have the rental agent sign off on anything so they won't blame you when you return the vehicle.
    Also keep a close watch when you top off the fuel. Gas stations are ripe with scams.

    We went with Budget near the cruise docks. There are alot of agencies near the ferry dock too.

    By all means get a Mapchick map and explore the other side of the island.

  5. fishing_magician

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    up north
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    scooters vs jeeps

    When we went down the last time we ended up getting 2 double rider scooters for $40us. You have to plan on dickering everywhere and act uninterested. Even walk away, they will come after you. We spent the whole day going towards san fransico beach and that way around the island.
    Once you are out of town there is little to do unless you are starting and stopping alot. Which we did. We got back to town about dark.... We said next time "if" we did it we'd get the jeep since it was the same price. Don't ever agree to the first price they give you. talk them down and like previous post note any damage, problems before leaving.

    Lastly, scooters are fun but, downtown is dangerous with california drivers that have moved :lol:
  6. Laura Mapchick

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  7. agfox

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    Second what 'mapchick' said. We rented a VW for the day from Isis this past December -- $35 with insurance and spent the day driving, stopping, driving, stopping around the island.

    Think twice about the scooters. They can be very dangerous.

    Get the map from 'mapchick' it is easily worth the $8.
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