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    Cancun is known for the beautiful turquoise Caribbean waters and the coral reef that runs along the coastline. The reef in the Mexican Caribbean is an amazing natural formation bursting with vibrant colors. The biological cycles of coral reefs take advantage of the sun's energy to grow. This is why they are located close to the equator in warm, shallow water.


    The reef's rock-like structure is actually made up of small organisms called polyps. When the polyps die they form a skeleton of limestone. This skeleton has a hard outer shell which continues to grow. Reefs attract an incredible amount of sea life, including many different types of tropical fish, turtles, rays, shellfish and many other fascinating species of marine life.

    We offer one of the best ways to see the coral reef for yourself. Snorkeling on the reef is a popular and very easy way to experience the underwater world up close. If you can breath through your mouth you can snorkel! Everyone wears a life jacket so you float horizontally at the ocean's surface with your face in the water looking down. Even kids can do it!

    The trip from Cancun is only about 20 minutes and transportation from your hotel is included. We also include all your gear and a guide to show you how to snorkel, the safety precautions you need to take, and to point out the interesting marine life in the Caribbean Sea.

    Reef Snorkel Tour:
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