Recycle Electronics in Cancun

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    Recycle Electronics in Cancun

    Here's your chance to clean out the closets!

    Tomorrow, Saturday February 10th. the SEyC will be accepting hard to recycle electronic and electric items between 9 am and noon (some reports say it begins at 8 am). The SEyC office is located on Bonampak, close to Chichen Itza and Garcia de la Torre Ave.

    The following items will be accepted:
    computers & accessories
    TVs & audio equipment
    cellular phones
    microwave ovens
    blenders & toasters
    remote controls
    air conditioners

    Note that refrigerators will NOT be accepted!

    For more information call the Divulgación Ecológica y Educación Ambiental del Municipio de Benito Juárez at 884-7509.
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