Recent Death at Oasis Cancun last sunday?

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by EngineerGuy, Jan 9, 2007.

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    I have my doubts about some random observer coming to the medical conclusion that she broke her neck. There is just too much about the post that doesn't add up for me to put much value into it.

    An that's why each of us was given our own brain to use and we don't have to borrow anothers....

  2. RiverGirl

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    Tourists die in Mexico all the time, several per week in this area normally.

    The most common causes are:
    - Drowning (often people who drown are drunk)
    - Getting drunk and falling off high things, like a balcony
    - Heart attacks (these victims are usually overfed American males who come here and do physical activity they are not in shape for)
    - A smaller number die on the Cancun-Tulum highway which is not limited access but is a high-speed road. That road very dangerous and is locally called the Carretera de la Muerte (Highway of Death).

    The reality is that tourists die everywhere. But here tourists come and do things they don't normally do at home. And the big thing tourists do here is drink, which impairs judgment.

    Mexico has lots and lots of public safety laws, the congress here is busy passing laws all the time. Laws don't get enforced here very well (or much at all) but you can bet there are laws to protect public safety here.
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    Aug 19, 2007
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    In a Little Cafe on the Other Side of the Border
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    Not for nothing but does anyone else see some coincidental aspects of this tourist at a restaurant fall story with the dead, naturalized Mexican, Chinese tourist from Baja story at Party Centro?

    Date, approximate time, approximate location...

    ...tourist in pool of blood.

    Is it possible the story of the girl falling is actually the alleged street drug dealer stabbing of the tourist after an argument?

    Not saying it is but it does appear peculiarly coincidental.

    Deja Vu, Deja Vu...
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    Yes that's exactly what I thought, same time, same area etc.
    Maybe this person can come back and let us know what kind of safety standards he/she would have liked to have seen by this wall.
    A sign, beware of the walls?? Walls can be dangerous and should be treated as such??
    Reminds me of the sign we have in the toilet at work
    ''Do not stand on the toilet seat as it's inevitable that an accident will occur'' erm what??
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    I don't mean to laugh but the Beware of Walls was good..

    Yeah I agree people get killed everywhere, I think poeple check their sense and their brain in their luggage sometimes when they go on vacation, and it stays in the lugage all week. People forget where they are and forget how to conduct themselves
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