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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by Brad Perry, Jul 4, 2018.

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    Our experience, too. Walked past the Quiet Pool one time, not this most recent trip but the one in march, and there was a group of 3 couples all just hanging out naked in the pool, obviously having a Very good time and nobody gave them any grief while we were going by. Might have later, might not. Very little security presence at the Quiet Pool as it is very seldom needed I think.

    Of course, the Quiet Pool bar is where the Mexican Luge shot was invented, with one naked Stacia perched on a bar stool there at the bar, next to the "Dare to be Tempted" sign... so I handled my business.

    Yes, at the Quiet Pool. We didn't make a lot of noise, only a visual spectacle, so it was legal.
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    As first-timers, the quiet pool is where the wife went topless for the first time. On day one she, loved the vibe of the sexy pool, but didn’t want to go topless. The next day, I suggested going to the quiet pool. There were only four or five people over there, and her top came off immediately. Once she got a taste of being topless, she loved it and, much to my delight, she was much more “relaxed” for the rest of our stay.
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    Going in May for our second trip. Great places for us works holiday old folks lol. Nice relaxing top less and great people. Sexy pool for awhile back to the quiet pool
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