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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by CarlB, Oct 7, 2008.

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    (1) Are there any Resorts that are "Topless" optional like Temptation
    (2) Do they have hot tubs in the rooms or other private hot tubs ?
    (3) Are they still using wrist bands ? The better the wrist band the better your drinks and food ?
    (4) What are the events that are the best, daring, exciting that my wife and I would like. And which are boring and better to make tour plans on these dates ?
    (5) Do they offer a free day/night pass or discount pass to Desire, their "Sister" resort both owned by the same group ?
    (6) Is his a real "topless optional" resort or is it a bunch of dudes with two old ladies. We want to go to a lively fun place.
    (7) Is this a safe place. Not with drunken guys grabbing girls or standing over them looking at them while they lay on the beach or pool ? Also dont want to go somewhere that is out of control and not respectful. But we do like daring.

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    1) There is other resorts that are Topless optional.

    2) Only hot tubs are on the patio of some rooms and in the Spa. The ones in the pool are the same temp as the pool temp.

    3) Still have wristbands. But now it just seperates Premier/RCI members and std. guest. Upgrade booze is now for everyone.

    4) Events you can do a search on here and see lots of them. One event you may love the next guy hates it.

    5) Not sure what the pass status is currently with going to Desire. Its a good 30 min.+ away.

    6) About 40%+ of the women are usually topless. All sizes and shapes. Everytime I've been I'd say the girl to guy ratio is pretty even. Worse case maybe 40% women and 60% men.

    7) Very safe. People always respect others. This isn't some type of spring break let it all hang out resort. Its more of a frat party for adults. But like any place all it takes is one jackass to make his dent in your fun. But it for sure is not the norm. and nothing I'd be worried about.
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    1) I don't know of any resorts (shy of places like Desire and hedonism which push the envelope much, much further) that allow topless around the main pool and you won't be out of place doing so.

    2) The "hot tubs" outside on your balcony (if you get one of these rooms) are just normal tubs with jets that you can bathe or relax in, outside your room. There is a shade you can pull down for privacy.

    3) Yes - wristbands are in place.

    4) I'd say PJ canino night is a lot of fun. The wife can dress as sexy as she wants in lingerie and compete if she wants. The casino dealers will often give more chips for losing some clothing as well :)

    5) not sure.

    6) This is a nice topless resort. I'd say 40-50% of the women are topless. You'll have a blast.

    7) Very safe. Everyone was very polite, mature and easy to get along with.
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