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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by hemi794, Dec 23, 2006.

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    So I have decided to take a semester off school right now, and work and have a little bit of fun. I want to move to Cancun for about couple of months. What would be a good job to find besides bartending/and working at a hotel. I can work legally in Mexico, I was born in Mexico City and I am a citizen of Mexico. I am majoring in business administration, with a minor of entrepenurship . I plan on living somewhere around downtown and use the bus as transportation. I speak both English and Spanish fluently, and write both languages very well. I can also speak a bit of Portuguese. If their is anyone that knows of any good jobs please let me know. I was maybe thinking teaching English, doing tours, or maybe working at some club or park.

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    In that case the World is your oyster! Take a look through Novedades once here and any job there will be open to you, normal requirements withstanding e.g. experience / qualifications etc

    Online edition is here to give you some idea, but the actual newspaper has far more jobs than is in the online edition.
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