Puerto Morelos, Punta Brava Safety Concern

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Tom Lavin, Jan 14, 2018.

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    I was walking along the Puerto Morelos, Punta Brava beach (south of El Cid, Now Jade and StartNewShantyShack.png
    Grand Residences) with my 2 teenage daughters the other day when we noticed three or four shanty shacks along the back of the beach near the foliage area where, in the past, we searched and found lovely shells. There were men sitting around drinking beer who looked like they were living there. The hut was a mess, made from trash. They were staring at us and making my daughters feel uncomfortable.
    Can anyone tell us whether or not we should be concerned for our safety when exploring the beaches in that area? Is it safe to walk along the foliage area alone? Has the recent rise in crime in Puerto Morelos invaded the beaches?
    Please tell us if there are any safety alerts we should know about before walking alone on that beach. The world is changing. Thank you!
    CMcCaffrey, PA, USA
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