Puerto Morelos Development Plan

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Jim in Cancun, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Jim in Cancun

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    Just to get an idea:

    Cancun currently has about 28,000 hotels rooms up and running.

    The Riviera Maya (Cancun to Tulum) has around 30,000 rooms.

    Now, they are planning on building an additional 21,000 rooms between Cancun and Puerto Morelos within the next couple of years.
  2. Mellow_in_Puerto Morelos

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    Part of the PM development plan includes an entire city, complete with all infra-structures to be built in the colonia area of PM. They just won't leave us alone..lol

    Frank in Puerto Morelos
  3. T.J.

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    Apr 13, 2003
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    Cancun. QR, Mexico
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    There is lots of new construction on the south end of Puerto Morelos along the beach.

    These plans are very ambitous but I do not think it is possible to construct enough infrastructure that quickly. It is not like adding to existing roads, water and sewer plants, etc. there is just so much support that is needed not only to construct, but to maintain. While I love Puerto Morelos, it will be unbelievable if they can pull off anything significant in only two years.

    But good luck anyway.
  4. gbchayctca

    gbchayctca Guest

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    They also had plans to build at least 10,000 rooms further down on the coast from Mahuajal to Xcalak. I know that there has been construction, but it doesn't seem to be to the degree of 10,000 rooms.

    Either way, yuck....enough is enough.
  5. Scott in NH

    Scott in NH Guest

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    This is truly distressing news.
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