Pro baseball in Cancun

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by CancunCanuck, Apr 22, 2007.

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    Very Cheap entry is there a large football (soccer) team in QR region never spotted a stadium thatsall.
  2. jen***

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    Ditto to this, we went on Sunday. It was packed and the new seating was definately a bonus. Mind you, they have brand new plastic chairs and as soon as you sat down the nail through the middle poked you up the a*** (note to self, take a cushion next time)!
  3. Steve

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    No there's no big football team here, unfortunately. There is a stadium, it's a little way in to downtown but probably no better than an English 3rd division ground 20 years ago.

    For the baseball, easiest way to get there from the hotel zone would be bus to Walmart then taxi, as it is a little tucked away and you probably wont see it from Walmart. Taxi should be no more than 25 pesos.
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